Saturday, August 16, 2014

Catching Up

I had the rare desire to blog this morning while Allie is still sleeping (I was actually up before her!).  I think this is the longest break I've taken from blogging at over two months since my last post.  I honestly don't know if I'm going to continue or not, but here's an update on life lately.

I ended up getting a new job promotion at work!  It's close to what I've been doing, but more technical, and with people I already love working with.  The only hitch is that my old job hasn't been filled yet, and even when it has been filled, I'll be training the new people taking over (they are hiring two people to replace me) so it's probably going to be a long transition from the old job to the new.  Even so, I am happy how it worked out and it's great to feel like I'm growing and learning new things at work.

In pilot wife life/news, Greg and I decided to buy a house in Houston since it seems that he'll be based there for the foreseeable future.  We still plan to stay in Charlotte, but figured it was worth the investment to own property in Houston rather than for him to continue renting.  It's something we've discussed for a long time and now that his pay is good, things are relatively stable, and (fingers crossed) it doesn't seem like much will change for a while, we thought it was time.  We bought a small ranch style house with a garage (Greg is super excited about that since his car is about 200 degrees sitting in the hot Houston sun).  I actually haven't been out to see the new house, but Greg just "moved in" a couple weeks ago and is still settling his stuff in.  This doesn't change how we do anything, because Greg still comes home to Charlotte on his days off, but for the 8ish nights a month he spends there, he now has place that feels more like home.  I hope that it will help him to feel a little less crappy about being a commuter pilot.

In case you are wondering, things are good with our marriage.  Things have been super busy, especially with the house purchase, which required a couple extra days/nights in Houston and away from home, but over all, things with us are good.  We could use more date nights and are probably due for a trip away alone together, but I think in general we are happy and things are good.

We haven't decided if we are having another child or not and it's something I think about and struggle with constantly.  I've actually sort of let me brain take a break from thinking about it in the last couple weeks because I just feel like I can't make a decision.  I kind of don't think there's a "wrong" answer.  Either way I could see a happy life and/or challenges if we do or don't have another baby.  We'll see.

Allie just turned 18 months old.  She is so much fun and so so cute!

She says mama, dada, Clyde, airplane (sounds like may main), car, moon, mouse, cat, woof, moo, milk, grapes, banana (nana), Bob (my dad), truck, cup, cracker, Parker (friend at school), cookie, bread, fish, bird, blueberry, turtle (curkle), candle, potty, duck, butterfly, fries, cloud, sky, ball, ice, no...  the list goes on.  It's getting a lot easier to communicate.

Allie loves looking at pictures.  She will go over to the wall and bang on it til you lift her up to see pictures of people and point to everyone and tell her who they are.
She is good at kicking a ball soccer style (she didn't get that from me, I suck at soccer!).
She loves rocking horses and those ride-on spring things at playgrounds.

She's very into stickers but can't stop peeling them and re-sticking them.  I made the mistake of introducing reusable stickers and regular stickers around the same time, and I think that's where the confusion lies.
She loves to climb on things, like the couches and our ottoman.  She's kind of a daredevil and will try to stand on things too, which freaks me out.
She's obsessed with airplanes, and if you are outside with her, she's constantly point at the sky and say "may main" pointing at airplanes or even at the sky if she hears a plane but can't see it behind clouds.  We've taken her to the airport lookout a couple times and she loves it.
She still loves water.  She completed Toddler One swim lessons and won the Starfish award in her class. We're signed up for Toddler Two swim this fall.  Anytime you ask if she wants to go to the pool, she always nods yes.  She also loves the beach and is fearless- she'll run to the water and would dive in if you let her.

She loves animals, especially cats.  We showed her the show Too Cute on Animal Planet (it's on Netflix too), and she will excitedly watch for a couple minutes before losing interest (she's not really into TV).  She pretty much loves any animal though.  We took her to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia when my in-laws were visiting and she LOVED it.  Loved the penguins, the flamingos, the elephants, the gorillas... you name it.  Future vet maybe?

I feel like Allie has a super sweet nature to her.  Knock on wood, but I'm not aware of any incidents of her hitting, biting, or doing anything to another kid at daycare, even though she's been the victim of a bite.  A lot of teachers, including the floaters comment on her sweet nature and one has even said she's her favorite kid :)  I hope that continues.  She does tend to be fussy sometimes, I think when she's tired or hungry.  She definitely breaks into a wail if she wants something NOW and you aren't getting it fast enough, like every single night when I walk into the house and try to get dinner on her tray!

She naps once a day from 12-2pm and usually goes to bed between 7:30-8pm and sleeps til about 6-6:45am.  She rarely wakes up at night unless she's teething or something.  I consider her a great sleeper, and I know I'm lucky.

I love spending time with my baby, but that downtime after she goes to bed at night is my me-time.  I've been cleaning out my closet, watching Orange is the New Black, cleaning, talking to Greg when he's away, giving myself pedicures, etc...  I'm usually too tired to do anything too crazy, but I look forward to those two hours I have in the evening each day.

I'm still mostly doing stroller walks as my workout.  I probably walk with Allie and Clyde about 4 times a week, which isn't too bad.  As usual, I'd love to get more running in, but it's just not happening as much as I'd like.  I sometimes think about racing again, but still can't commit to a training schedule.  It is what it is.

That about sums it up for now!
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