After two miscarriages and about a year and a half of trying to conceive, I finally got my healthy pregnancy.  You can read about it here: Third Time's a Charm.  I decided to write about each week of my pregnancy to keep kind of a journal and share with you guys how things were going each week.  Click on the links below to read about my pregnancy week by week!

Week Ten
Week Eleven
Week Twelve
Week Thirteen
Week Fourteen
Week Fifteen
Week Sixteen
Week Seventeen
Week Eighteen
Week Nineteen
Week Twenty
Week Twenty-one
Week Twenty-two
Week Twenty-three
Week Twenty-four
Week Twenty-five
Week Twenty-six
Week Twenty-seven
Week Twenty-eight
Week Twenty-nine
Week Thirty
Week Thirty-one
Week Thirty-two
Week Thirty-three
Week Thirty-four
Week Thirty-five
Week Thirty-six

Birth Story Part One
Birth Story Part Two

The Nursery
My Baby Shower


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