Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bite Night

Hey friends!  I'm happy to report that I'm doing better the last few days.  I wanted to mention that for me this blog has always been sort of like a journal.  Sometimes I need to vent and that's what my last post really was.  I think trying to conceive is just a big roller coaster of emotion. Right now I feel okay about things.  I still think it'll happen, it's just the WHEN that will continue to drive me nuts.  Anyway, thanks again for listening, commenting, and being supportive.  I really appreciate your comments and knowing that people out there care and are hoping for me.  It helps.

So anyway, I had a pretty excellent Saturday.  I woke up and realized I needed some granola in my life, and decided to make some pumpkin granola.  It's tasty!  Here's the recipe.

Pumpkin Granola
Makes about 3 1/2 cups of granola (but you can double the recipe if you want more).

2 cups of rolled oats
1/2 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup pecans
1/2 cup canned, pureed pumpkin
1/4 cup maple syrup

Preheat oven to 250 degrees.  Spray a cookie sheet (I lined mine with foil) with cooking spray.  Mix all ingredients well in a medium sized bowl, til clusters start to form.  Spread evenly on cookie sheet.  Bake for an hour, but stir mixture every 20 minutes.  Enjoy!

Following consumption of some granola, I went for a slightly longer than 3 mile run. 

I also made a loose training plan for a turkey trot, so hopefully you will see me doing some more consistent running this month and getting ready for a race finally!

I assembled a salad with arugala, leftover grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, and apple for lunch.

I ran some errands for my Halloween costume, picking up markers and double sided tape, then got a hair cut.  I actually did something slightly more drastic than I have for a while.  I kind of wanted a long bob, and to get rid of layers, so that's what I asked for.  My hair is kind of short again, and I'm not really sure I've grasped that yet! 

Here's a picture of me in my costume, you can kind of see the hair under my hat.

(Photo from Caitlin)

Do you know who I am?

I'm Mario, from Super Mario Brothers!  This one came together pretty easily, because I have these overalls from like 1996, a red shirt, some cheap white gloves, a red Ohio State hat that I covered with poster board and an "M", and some brown boots.  I decided I didn't care about going the sexy route this Halloween, obviously ;)

I attended my friend Michelle's Bite Night party.  There were some fun costumes.

Top: Black Swan, Olive Oil, Clemson fan, drunk Rachel (from Friends), vampire.
Bottom: German girl, me as Mario holding Cooper dressed as a squirrel, masquerade mask, and a stag.

Jen and Jen.

Caitlin and Kristien.

Sara and Kevin as Popeye and Olive Oil.  The even had cans of spinach they used to hold their drinks!

Nicole was a late arrival, and came as a dark fairy.  I loved her wig!

We had a chili bar with all the fixings.

I had a blend of meat and veggie chili with cheese, sour cream, and avocado.

And some of Jen's apple crisp with Breyer's Vanilla ice cream.

I also had a pumpkin beer and some cider.

It was a fun night! 

Did you dress up for Halloween this year?  What were you?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Angry Run

So this month was another failed cycle in TTC (trying to conceive) for us.  Needless to say, I'm having a rough time with it...  I know, if you break it down, I got pregnant in about 5 months last time (which isn't bad by any means), and that we've really only been trying for again for about 2 months (since I could start trying after the miscarriage), but just to be at this point in the year and not be pregnant or closer to a baby than we were in January when this all started is something I'm really struggling with.  I can't help but see the totality of the situation and feel like we're failing at this.

The worst thing about this month was that it seemed like almost the perfect cycle.  We had more chances to try at around the right time than usual and I just felt like we kind of gave it our all and had a really good chance.  I know some people thought I was crazy to go to Houston, but when you've been trying for close to a year and your husband is home like one night a week most of the time, you're chances for getting pregnant are not that good.  Besides, I wanted to go and see his new apartment and hang out anyway, and people have been suggesting I follow him to try pretty much all year long.  I figured it was worth a shot.  That trip, along with his next group of days off gave us a lot of time together, which is rare these days.  Greg doesn't get schedules much better than this month's, so if any cycle was going to be possible for it to happen, it should have been this one.  I already know that Greg's schedule for November doesn't look that good in terms of our chances to try. 

So...I'm frustrated.  Last night I was actually ANGRY.  I don't understand why this is so difficult.  I hate not having any control over any of it, and I think that's one of the biggest things bothering me about all of this.  I'm doing everything I can to help this happen, and it's still not happening.  I really don't know what to do anymore.  I feel like giving up.

So last night, sad, confused, and angry, I decided to take it out on the pavement. 

Yeah, I'm slow right now.  I've sacrificed many days and weeks of pushing myself in running this year, to try to take it easy in case that would help me to get pregnant (or stay pregnant).  But it hasn't helped anyway.  I downloaded some new Coldplay (which is great) and went running.  Even though it was tough, it felt good.  Running is something I DO have control over.  I can push myself and see results.  It's nice to have control over something.  Sure, it wasn't my best run ever.  It was short, my legs felt heavy, and it's frustrating to not be as fast as I used to be, but I did feel better after my run.  I'll take it.

I don't know where we're going to go from here.  Greg and I have had a couple conversations about it and part of me is at my breaking point with it all.  I want to throw in the towel for a while and focus on something else.  But this nagging part of my brain wants to keep trying.  Maybe needs to keep trying...  I do think I want to train for a race again.  Even just a 5k or 10k.  I'm thinking a turkey trot.  Since I know our chances in November aren't that great anyway, I figure what the hell.  I need to feel capable again.  I need something that is mine.

So I have running...

And cupcakes...

And a dog in a banana costume...

Yeaaaaaaaah...  I guess that'll have to be enough for now.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Touring Homearama and the US National White Water Center

Well, I'm entrenched in another work week (good times), but I thought I'd share some of the activities I did with my in-laws while they were here on Sunday.  We started off with a batch of french toast, made by yours truly.  It's all about the bread people- use good bread :)

Next up we decided to go to Charlotte Homearama.  It's basically a tour of a bunch of model houses, decorated to the nines.  Looking at model homes is something we frequently do with my in-laws when they come visit anyway, so I figured it was a great activity to do with them.  It was also a chance for us to possibly get some decorating ideas, since my house is pretty under decorated.  I am seriously missing that creative gene...

Anyway, off we went to tour the homes.

Here were some of the highlights.  Did I mention I have all of one room, an accent wall, and a half bath in my house painted, and we've lived in it for 5 years.  See?  I need all the help I can get with decorating ideas...

Love this wall paper...

Beautiful kitchen.

Great bathroom.

I love that stone wall and the chandelier in this dining room.

I love this shelving in the pantry.  So much nicer than my wire shelving.

Awesome backsplash.

We need this patio and fire pit...

I dig these curtains, we just have blinds in our bedroom.

I loved the outside of this house, but the inside was a little weird, kind of a strange rustic look that didn't really work for me. 

I left the tour pretty inspired, but I'd need tons of cash and a lot of people helping me to make the changes we want to make to our house!

After the tour, we decided to get a late lunch at the US National Whitewater Center.  It's dog friendly so we figured we could take the dogs (my in-laws had theirs with them too) and walk them around there after getting a bite to eat.

I had a cream ale.

And a black bean burger with sweet potato fries.

After lunch we walked the pups around the white water center while watching the kayakers and white water rafters battle the river.

I think my in-laws were kind of fascinated with the whole place.  It's definitely unique with its river, ziplines, and rock climbing walls.  Greg and I really like the facility and were saying we need to come there more.

That about sums up my Sunday. 

Oh, unless you count the slice of pumpkin pie I had later that night.

Mmmm, ending it on a high note!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Runners Trials' Baby Shower!

Hey all!  Hope your weekend is going well!  My in-laws are visiting so that's keeping me pretty busy.  I'm up earlier than the rest of the house, so I thought I'd get in a little blogging before my day turns into a circus. 

Yesterday my day started with a trip to Flying Biscuit for some breakfast.  I opted for the veggie scramble, which is three large farm fresh eggs scrambled with white cheddar cheese, onions, spinach, mushrooms, and red & green peppers, and it also comes with fruit and a biscuit (of course).

I had a cup of hot apple cider as well.

After breakfast I used a Groupon about to expire at my favorite jewelry place in Charlotte, the Jewel Box.  I got two necklaces and a pair of earrings.

Then I headed to Jen's house for her baby shower!  I had to get there a little early to set up this crazy contraption...

Yup, a chocolate fountain.  You know how when you register for wedding presents, you tend to go a little nuts with the scanner gun?  Yeah, this was one of those moments.  Anyway, people seemed to enjoy it!

Caitlin threw the party, and had the guest of honor hide upstairs til we were done setting up.  Once we were set and people were arriving, she made her glowing appearance.

Other than book club, we haven't had a ton of blogger gatherings lately, so it was great to see most of the crew :)

Sara and Erin!

Erin actually MADE this awesome diaper cake. 

Perhaps she should add crafter extrodinaire to her resume!

People brought food, so once everyone had arrived, we started to eat.  I had a bit of quiche, orzo pasta salad, and butternut squash quinoa.

After eating we played several games.

We had to guess the size of Jen's tummy and how many miles she's run since week 14.  I was way off on both.  I was told there would be no math!  We also sniffed diapers with candy bars melted in them and had to guess each one.  Pretty funny :)

Jen opened her presents and got some cute stuff.  Also, notice the race bibs- the shower was "iron baby" themed because of his Ironman Dad and triathlete/racing mom!

I got her some swaddlers, burb pads, bibs, and this froggy onesie :)

As a parting gift, we all wrote messages on diapers for Jen so that when changing the diaper is rough, she has a little something to make her laugh or smile :)

I headed back to my house to see how everyone was doing.  I guess I missed naps and a walk with the dogs, so not too much.  We headed to dinner at a local tavern with outdoor seating so we could bring the dogs.  I had a salad since I was still pretty full from the food at the shower.

It was a nice Saturday with my friends and family.

How was yours??

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