Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bite Night

Hey friends!  I'm happy to report that I'm doing better the last few days.  I wanted to mention that for me this blog has always been sort of like a journal.  Sometimes I need to vent and that's what my last post really was.  I think trying to conceive is just a big roller coaster of emotion. Right now I feel okay about things.  I still think it'll happen, it's just the WHEN that will continue to drive me nuts.  Anyway, thanks again for listening, commenting, and being supportive.  I really appreciate your comments and knowing that people out there care and are hoping for me.  It helps.

So anyway, I had a pretty excellent Saturday.  I woke up and realized I needed some granola in my life, and decided to make some pumpkin granola.  It's tasty!  Here's the recipe.

Pumpkin Granola
Makes about 3 1/2 cups of granola (but you can double the recipe if you want more).

2 cups of rolled oats
1/2 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup pecans
1/2 cup canned, pureed pumpkin
1/4 cup maple syrup

Preheat oven to 250 degrees.  Spray a cookie sheet (I lined mine with foil) with cooking spray.  Mix all ingredients well in a medium sized bowl, til clusters start to form.  Spread evenly on cookie sheet.  Bake for an hour, but stir mixture every 20 minutes.  Enjoy!

Following consumption of some granola, I went for a slightly longer than 3 mile run. 

I also made a loose training plan for a turkey trot, so hopefully you will see me doing some more consistent running this month and getting ready for a race finally!

I assembled a salad with arugala, leftover grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, and apple for lunch.

I ran some errands for my Halloween costume, picking up markers and double sided tape, then got a hair cut.  I actually did something slightly more drastic than I have for a while.  I kind of wanted a long bob, and to get rid of layers, so that's what I asked for.  My hair is kind of short again, and I'm not really sure I've grasped that yet! 

Here's a picture of me in my costume, you can kind of see the hair under my hat.

(Photo from Caitlin)

Do you know who I am?

I'm Mario, from Super Mario Brothers!  This one came together pretty easily, because I have these overalls from like 1996, a red shirt, some cheap white gloves, a red Ohio State hat that I covered with poster board and an "M", and some brown boots.  I decided I didn't care about going the sexy route this Halloween, obviously ;)

I attended my friend Michelle's Bite Night party.  There were some fun costumes.

Top: Black Swan, Olive Oil, Clemson fan, drunk Rachel (from Friends), vampire.
Bottom: German girl, me as Mario holding Cooper dressed as a squirrel, masquerade mask, and a stag.

Jen and Jen.

Caitlin and Kristien.

Sara and Kevin as Popeye and Olive Oil.  The even had cans of spinach they used to hold their drinks!

Nicole was a late arrival, and came as a dark fairy.  I loved her wig!

We had a chili bar with all the fixings.

I had a blend of meat and veggie chili with cheese, sour cream, and avocado.

And some of Jen's apple crisp with Breyer's Vanilla ice cream.

I also had a pumpkin beer and some cider.

It was a fun night! 

Did you dress up for Halloween this year?  What were you?


Jill @ Just Focus Well said...

How fun does that party look! Those costumes are great and I am going to have to make that pumpkin granola soon! Yummm

Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers said...

Awesome pics! (I may have to steal one!) It was great seeing you again. :)

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