Sunday, October 2, 2011

When Life Is Mundane

I haven't been a very good blogger lately.  I guess sometimes I feel like some things in my life aren't very "blog worthy".  Sometimes life is just life and it's not that interesting.  Not every meal seems exciting (like the Amy's Burrito and roasted butternut squash I ate one night in the picture below), not every workout seems inspiring enough (sometimes I just walk Clyde as my workout), and not much has changed with my life lately (I'm still not pregnant). 

I've been caught up in fall TV shows, reading The Hunger Games series (I'm halfway through Catching Fire), and settling into the laziness of fall, I guess.  I struggle a little bit with what I want to blog about when life seems kind of mundane like it has lately.

Here's some stuff I did this week.

Monday night Greg was home, but just for one night.  Neither of us are thrilled with the schedules he's been getting lately.  Pilots get a minimum of 12 days off a month and he's consistently getting 12 days off- no more than that.  He "bids" for his schedule, meaning he ranks his choice of schedule.  He's so low on the seniority list that he usually can't do much about what schedule he gets though because the schedules are doled out in order of seniority.  The schedules he is getting are not very commutable either, which is a problem since he's trying to get from Houston to Charlotte when he's off.  Ususally a couple weeks out of the month he gets two days off, then he'll get one big chunk of like 5-6 days off at some point.  On the weeks where he has two days off, if he finishes too late on his last day flying he has to stay in Houston for a night, which means he only gets ONE night home. Yeah, it sucks.   Don't get me wrong, the big chunk of days off is nice, but for someone commuting we'd prefer something more consistent, like 3 days off every week, which would make it a lot easier for him to get home and be here for longer than just one night before having to turn around and go back. 

The other reason Greg's schedule is a problem is because we're trying to conceive again.  If he's only home one night a week most of the month, that causes obvious problems in the likelihood that we will actually successfully conceive because he's not home when I need him to be.  This is what happened in September, where I'm pretty sure we only had one shot at it, and then my actual ovulation wasn't til about 5 days after, which is a long time for the swimmers to hang out.  We're back to square one with our timing problem and I would venture to say that it seems worse now that it did in the spring the first time around.  I can't tell you how frustrated it makes me that I'm in October and no closer to this....  Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Anyway, we are trying to make the most of the time when he is home, and we did have a nice time together on Monday. 

Tuesday night I met Kelly at EarthFare for dinner and got a huge salad at the salad bar.

Kelly in action.

We also did a little shopping together after dinner and got some Yoforia froyo.

Thursday night, my mom was in town.  She had a conference close by so she spent the night and we went to dinner at The Wine Shop.  I knew my mom would like it because they have great food, a great wine selection, and it was a nice night for outdoor dining.

My mom is an excellent wine selector, so I let her pick out a bottle for us.  We got this Cameron Hughes Syrah, which went nicely with the bush next to us.

For dinner, we split a salmon and goat cheese salad.

And a flat bread with procuitto, figs, and gorgonzola cheese.  Yeah, it rocked... 
Excellent balance of sweet and salty :)

We followed dinner with some Cold Stone.  I got a PB yogurt and PB cup mix.  Then we headed home and I showed her the drama-fest that is Revenge, which I had Tivod.  It was great to see my mom, even if it was a short visit. 

It's been a nice weekend here, cooler temps, some fun with friends, and of course lots of snuggling with you know who.  Well, when he's not busy catching rays, that is...

I'll be back later to elaborate on my weekend activities.

In the meantime, if you blog, what inspires you?


Danielle said...

You and your mom look so alike =)

Like you, I tend not to blog when I don't have anything 'special' to say. I hate wasting people's time, so I want to make sure it's actually relevant/interesting before I put it out on the internet world. If you find a good source of inspiration, will you pass it on to me??? =P

Shea said...

Ugh...I hear ya on the crappy schedules. We're not trying to conceive yet or anything...but it's a bit ridiculous when my hubby is home for a whole 1 day outta the week. It's pathetic. It makes me wonder when we should start trying to have kids...

Sana said...

I actually fins this interesting, like when you talk about your real life. That is blogging material. I can't wait to read about how you and your husband work around you schedule issues to make a baby. Good luck!

Amber said...

My pilot had really craptastic schedules for the past 2 months. This month wasn't as bad but I've had a crazy schedule. Hang in there!!

Molly said...

A month ago I felt un-inspired about blogging, I realized I was censoring myself a bit. I think everyone goes through phases, depending on what's going on in our lives, and in our heads.

that said, all that food looks amazing!

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