Sunday, October 23, 2011

Runners Trials' Baby Shower!

Hey all!  Hope your weekend is going well!  My in-laws are visiting so that's keeping me pretty busy.  I'm up earlier than the rest of the house, so I thought I'd get in a little blogging before my day turns into a circus. 

Yesterday my day started with a trip to Flying Biscuit for some breakfast.  I opted for the veggie scramble, which is three large farm fresh eggs scrambled with white cheddar cheese, onions, spinach, mushrooms, and red & green peppers, and it also comes with fruit and a biscuit (of course).

I had a cup of hot apple cider as well.

After breakfast I used a Groupon about to expire at my favorite jewelry place in Charlotte, the Jewel Box.  I got two necklaces and a pair of earrings.

Then I headed to Jen's house for her baby shower!  I had to get there a little early to set up this crazy contraption...

Yup, a chocolate fountain.  You know how when you register for wedding presents, you tend to go a little nuts with the scanner gun?  Yeah, this was one of those moments.  Anyway, people seemed to enjoy it!

Caitlin threw the party, and had the guest of honor hide upstairs til we were done setting up.  Once we were set and people were arriving, she made her glowing appearance.

Other than book club, we haven't had a ton of blogger gatherings lately, so it was great to see most of the crew :)

Sara and Erin!

Erin actually MADE this awesome diaper cake. 

Perhaps she should add crafter extrodinaire to her resume!

People brought food, so once everyone had arrived, we started to eat.  I had a bit of quiche, orzo pasta salad, and butternut squash quinoa.

After eating we played several games.

We had to guess the size of Jen's tummy and how many miles she's run since week 14.  I was way off on both.  I was told there would be no math!  We also sniffed diapers with candy bars melted in them and had to guess each one.  Pretty funny :)

Jen opened her presents and got some cute stuff.  Also, notice the race bibs- the shower was "iron baby" themed because of his Ironman Dad and triathlete/racing mom!

I got her some swaddlers, burb pads, bibs, and this froggy onesie :)

As a parting gift, we all wrote messages on diapers for Jen so that when changing the diaper is rough, she has a little something to make her laugh or smile :)

I headed back to my house to see how everyone was doing.  I guess I missed naps and a walk with the dogs, so not too much.  We headed to dinner at a local tavern with outdoor seating so we could bring the dogs.  I had a salad since I was still pretty full from the food at the shower.

It was a nice Saturday with my friends and family.

How was yours??


YUMMommy said...

Love the writing cute messages on the diapers idea. I'm sure they will make her smile plenty days. My Saturday was not eventful.

Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

You flatter me. :) It was great to see you! I'd call the shower a big hit. :)

Jen said...

So fun! So glad you- and the chocolate fountain- could be there :)

Liz @ runbakerace said...

The shower looks so cute and creative :). I should have registered for a chocolate fountain, the picture is making me want some chocolate covered strawberries. So glad you had a wonderful weekend with friends & family!

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