Thursday, July 28, 2011

Proof That I'm Addicted To Fro-Yo

Howdy!  So it's been another busy week for me, but staying busy has helped me to keep my sanity, so I really don't mind.  Although, I'd take more of the social type of busy and less of the work type of busy if it were up to me!  Anyway, I got in some fun outings this week, so here they are.

Tuesday night I met up with Kelly at 131 Main in the Dilworth area of Charlotte. 

I've only ever been to their south location before and it was a couple years ago for drinks and appetizers, so this was my first full on meal experience.  I'd say it was a success!  We happened to go on half price bottles of wine night.  Um, don't mind if I do!  We split a nice Sauvingon Blanc, which hit the spot on a hot day.  We also had some unpictured deviled eggs as an app.  Yum :)

I chose the crab cake salad for my entree and it was totally delicious.  It came with two kinds of dressing on the side- a whole grain mustard and more of a vinegarette and they were both delish.  I also loved the texture of the crab cake.

Oh yeah.  One more time...

131 Main happens to be right near Menchie's, and it was decided that we should grab some yummy dessert over there after dinner.  We were within walking distance after all!

As far as fro-yo goes, I don't really discriminate.  We have quite a few fro-yo places in Charlotte.  It seems that the big chains have noticed the fro-yo craze we have going on here and want in on the action.  I pretty much like them all.  Each has something unique that I like about it.  With Menchies, it's probably their chocolatey options and their HUGE topping area.  I think they have the most topping choices of all the fro-yo places here.

Now, I usually go one of two routes: 
1) Chocolatey: chocolate/cake/sweet flavors, with hot fudge, oreo crumbles, choco chips, etc...
2) Fruity: fruit yogurt flavors, with fruit toppings.

Sometimes I mix the two, but usually I'm more in the mood for one or the other.  At Menchies I had more of a chocolate night.

I did add a bunch of fruit on top though, so I guess it was a mix of both.

You'd think that fro-yo one night this week was enough, but when I got another invite for fro-yo on Wednesday, I could not pass it up!

This time I met Diana, Jen, and Katie for fro-yo at Yoforia. 

So good to see these girls!  We've all been through a lot lately (just check our blogs out to see!), so some female bonding and fro-yo was a welcome diversion!

Oh and Clyde came too, and he enjoyed his own little sample cup of PB fro-yo that Katie went in and got him!  Lucky dog!

When at Yoforia, my favorite flavor/combos is their fruity yogurts- Taro, Pineapple, Pom, combined with all their fresh fruits and some coconut and mochi.

See how I made the two fro-yo outtings totally different experiences? 
You too can mix up your fro-yo options :)

What's your favorite fro-yo combo?

I leave you with this artsy photo of Clyde.


Katie @ Legally Fit said...

I am jealous of all the froyo you are having! I think 16 handles is my favorite froyo place so far. I love the fact that it has become such a trend!

Jen said...

So sad I missed froyo :(

I was dumb this weekend and mixed the chocolatey + fruit approach instead of doing it seperately. Let me tell you, reeses does not taste good with grapefruit sorbet. Ick.

YUMMommy said...

Sad to admit that I have never had frozen yogurt. I'm not a huge yogurt fan but am interested in trying the frozen yogurt in the never future to see if it will change my mind.

Lindsay {Designer Wife} said...

Totally shouldn't have read this post at midnight because I now have a massive craving for Fro Yo!

Oh, and I, too, mix it up between chocolatey and fruity.

Diana said...

Yeaaaaaaa mochi! :) I usually follow the same style as you - either chocolately or fruity. Usually fruit wins out...probably because I think it tastes better with mochi. lol

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