Thursday, July 4, 2013

As Of Late

This post is coming to you with a baby asleep in the Moby Wrap on me.  Allie has never really liked this thing, but this morning I felt the desire to get it out and try it again and she hung out in it while I did laundry, unloaded dishes, and walked around and seemed to do pretty well in it.  I think she kind of liked looking at everything I was doing, and then eventually got cozy enough to fall asleep on me when she got tired.

So, blogging has become really sporadic, I know.  I've been busy with life and motherhood, and most of the time there doesn't seem to be a concise blog topic in there, it's just a jumble of my life.  Still, I feel the need to update and document anyway, so here I am.

Last week, Allie and I spent another five days in Hilton Head with my parents.

Out to breakfast.

Nothing you guys haven't seen before- tons of great meals, walks in the plantation and at the beach, floats in the pool, shopping at the outlets...  Oh, there was this epic lobster roll from a farmer's market food truck...

Allie had her first real dunk in the pool.  Til then it had just been toes in, but this time we did the swim diaper and bathing suit and actually put her in the pool.  She did great!  Unfortunately none of us remembered to bring a camera, or even a phone, so it kind of went undocumented.  Fail!

Allie started daycare this week.  That's probably the biggest news around here.  She did half days on Monday and Tuesday.  We are gradually transitioning her in.  It actually went better than I thought it would.  I didn't cry and she seemed to do fine.

Right after I took this picture, two babies tried to steal Allie's toy.

We are still getting used to daycare.  I brought three bottles with about 4 oz. each both days, and she had two each day (she was only there like 4-5 hours).  The daycare ladies said I should try switching to level 2 nipples because it was taking her forever to eat from the bottle.  I actually wasn't surprised they suggested this, because I have also been wondering if I should do this.  I know I'm a little clueless about bottles since she mostly breastfeeds.  For a long time I didn't want to switch to level 2s because you want the baby to prefer the breast over the bottle and they might not if the bottle milk flows faster, but now I think we'd be okay to switch to the level 2's so I'm going to get some.

I think it helped that I went to yoga while Allie was at daycare both days.  I actually had a yoga pass to my studio that was expiring this week so I went three days in a row, and it felt great.  A couple times I came close to crying when we were winding down and slow sad songs came on and I thought about Allie, but overall, I think it was good for me to be there doing something for myself.  I'd love to be able to continue to go with some consistency, but with Greg's schedule all over the place and going back to work soon, I don't see it happening.  I think I'll probably just drop in for classes once in a while if I can.

I talked to my boss recently and will be starting some work the week of 7/15.  I haven't come up with a definite plan yet, but he said I could do half days or whatever I wanted, and then I'll go back full time the week of 7/29.  I am trying to wrap my head around it.  On one hand I think I'm a little excited and ready to be back in my office.  I bought some new clothes for work to kind of get myself in the mood.  I also had lunch with a co-worker yesterday and kept asking her a million questions about work, so I know I feel like I've missed a lot and do want to get back and catch up on things there.  On the other hand, I realize that my unlimited time with Allie is coming to a close, and it's incredibly emotional and sad that I won't get to be with her as much as I want.  I think about how week days will go and worry about getting to spend enough time together if we only have a couple hours after I get out of work.  She sometimes goes to bed as early as 7pm, which leaves us maybe two hours together at night.  I feel like that's not enough.  Ugh.

I've been soaking up the moments with her, even when she's melting down and have been letting her fall asleep on me for naps, even though I know I should be trying to get her to nap in the crib, just because I know I won't have these moments as often anymore in a couple weeks.

Well, I really just wanted to check in and say hi.  We are having a pretty uneventful 4th of July, which mainly involved a trip to Buy Buy Baby and some ice cream, but I did dress Allie in a red, white, and blue outfit, just to be festive.

I'll definitely do a 5 month update on Allie since that's coming up in about a week!  Yipes!


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