Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Best Weekend I've Had in A While

This past weekend was one of those weekends where I laughed, smiled, and enjoyed myself a lot.  I love those kind of weekends.  Saturday, I actually spent a while doing "bridesmaid duties" with my friend Sarah, since her wedding is in two weeks.  I met her at her hair salon and attempted to help her decide what she's doing with her hair on the big day.  I think she's still a little torn between up or down, but I'm confident it will come together and she'll look beautiful, no matter what she decides.

We followed up the hair salon with a trip to Owen's Bagel Deli.  I've actually been dying to try this place for a while, but have never made it there til now.

The place is very eclectic and has a huge menu, that I probably poured over for at least 5 minutes before deciding on a bagel.  I chose the Chia Bagel: Veggie cream cheese, Swiss, Avocado, Lettuce, Sprouts (which I swapped for tomato, since I can't eat sprouts while pregnant) on a Sesame Bagel.

Wow, it was delicious.  I am now craving another one...

After lunch we hit up the Bobbi Brown make-up counter to see the make-up artist doing our make-up for the wedding, then the alterations place to get our dresses altered.  Sarah's alterations lady was gracious enough to let us two preggo ladies wait til the last minute to get our dresses altered since we weren't sure how the growing bumps would affect fitting into our dresses.  Luckily, the style of bridesmaid dress seems to have left me some room in the abdomen.  I did have to have the boob area taken in a little though.  My boobs still haven't grown that much!

J Crew Selma dress
After a fairly brief stop at home, I was back out again to celebrate my friend Gibson's birthday.  We headed to Park Lanes on Montford, which is a recently refurbished bowling alley.  We opted to have dinner at the alley, and I had a GREAT cheeseburger (see how the baby continues to make me crave them??), before we headed in to bowl.  Now let me just tell you, I grew up in a rural NH town where there was not a lot to do, so bowling was an activity I regularly participated in, along with trips for ice cream at Friendly's, movies, and miniature golf in the summer.  I'm no where near a great bowler, but man, did we have fun on Saturday night.

Birthday boy
Me in action
Brittasaurus was my given nickname...
Kelly and I
I actually did better than I thought I would bowling, and managed to win all three rounds on my lane among the four on my side, so I guess all those early years of bowling paid off.  I haven't laughed that hard or smiled that much in a while.  We really had a blast bowling.

Sunday, was another great day.  Clyde and I slept in a little.

The weather was GORGEOUS!  There was this subtle hint of fall in the morning air, and I even wore a fleece on my morning walk with Clyde.

Kelly and I made plans to meet at Whole Foods, since I'm probably the only blogger in Charlotte that hasn't made it over there since it opened.

We started in the hot/cold bar area, and got some lunch.  I built a salad and had a side of tostones, since I LOVE plantains.

After lunch and conversation, we ventured into the store, which was a totally zoo.  I'm not sure if or when the excitement of having a Whole Foods in Charlotte will ever wear off.  People are seriously excited about this store.  They even had security guards directing traffic in the parking lot... nuts.

I got a bunch of produce, and a few other items, but kept my haul relatively small.  Kelly and I had fun hanging out, even if we did have a few moments where we had to cleverly navigate our carts to get around.  I was impressed with the store, and know that I missed seeing a lot.  I'll have to go back and explore more sometime.

The rest of my afternoon was pretty leisurely.  I got sucked into watching Sex and The City on Style, as per usual, and then was eventually able to pull myself away.  Clyde and read on the deck for a while to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Gotta love weekends like this...  


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