Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Fourteenth Week

I'm 15 weeks pregnant!

Sorry, we weren't organized enough to get a great picture this week.
I got this before my daily walk with Clyde.

The fourteenth week started with Greg and I visiting some day care centers in our area.  Even though we don't need day care for about a year, we have heard the waiting lists are long and wanted to get a jump on things early.  We visited two places, both recommended by friends that have children at each, and were impressed with both.  I will say that the experience was somewhat overwhelming though.  We saw the infant areas at both places, but also were given a tour of the rest of the facilities, which included classrooms where the kids were about 4 years old and focused on educational activities.  This was kind of a big jump for me, when at this point, I'm really just thinking "Please take care of my baby and make sure he/she is still alive and in the same condition I left it in when I dropped it off".  Now we're having to think ahead to how we want our small child educated as well, so it's necessary to think present as well as future in terms of what kind of care and education we want our kid to have.  Head spinning...  We opted to look at one more place recommended to us this week, and then we'll probably make a decision based on these three.

Greg surprised me by actually doing some of his own crib research this week, and ended up finding a crib he liked that seems like it would match the dresser/book shelf we saw at IKEA a couple weeks ago, if we want to go that route.  We went to the store and looked at it and it's nice.  I'm not ready to commit to nursery furniture without a little bit more thought just yet, but it's an option.  While at the store we walked around looking at more baby stuff, and I explained the difference in car seats (infant vs. convertible), strollers, pack-n-play's, etc... to him, showing him how much stuff is out there and how much we have to decide.

In other news, we started cleaning out the room we're using as a nursery.  We had a futon in there that Greg moved out.  Also it has been known as our "ironing" room, since it used to house our iron board and iron, but we moved it.  The bulk of the stuff remaining in that room is mine, as it's sort of been my winter/summer clothes storage area (hence the bins you see below).  We actually have a huge basement, so it's not going to be a problem to store that stuff down there instead, I mainly used this room because it's right next to ours and was convenient and available (til now).  I want to go through some of my clothes and get rid of some things before moving it all downstairs though, so I'll try to work on that in the next couple weeks before we really get going on the nursery.

As for how I'm feeling- still pretty good.  Nausea is less and less.  I think if people are looking for it, they are actually starting to see the bump.  I actually got a couple comments about it this week, and I think the rumor is finally making its way around my office (I'm surprised it's taken this long, because my office is known to be a rumor mill!).  I pretty much always wear flowy tops to give myself room, so I think I've kind of hidden it well, but if I'm wearing anything more form fitting, you can kind of see it.  I've also noticed that some of my bottoms that were roomy enough to fit into til this point are tight now.  I've been using a big safety pin on my flat front pants to extend them further, which actually works pretty good (I never really felt like the bella band was appealing), and did the hair tie trick on some shorts the other day.  I think it still just kinda looks like a beer belly, and look forward to the time when it is really obvious what's happening there.

I'm still craving cheeseburgers, but also corn on the cob, ice cream, peaches, apples, potatoes, and still pancakes (I had some this morning).  I'd say my diet is fairly well rounded and I try to get in a fruit or vegetable with every meal.  It's not quite as healthy as it was pre-pregnancy, since veggies haven't sounded that good to me (I still don't want peppers, and can only eat spinach if it's hidden in something).  I love my carbs, as you can probably tell.  I had a really good grilled chicken sandwich with cheese and grilled pineapple on it the other day when I was out to lunch.  I think I need to pick up some pineapple next time I hit the store.  Yum!

Weight-wise, I appear to be up about 2 pounds now.  Still a slow gain at this point.  I really don't doubt that it's going to creep on steadily with all my indulgent cravings though.

Exercise is still mainly walks and I've been good about doing them almost every day.  I had a crazy week because of the DNC going on in Charlotte, but I think maybe next week I'm going to buckle down and try to get to a prenatal yoga class.  I really want to start doing something besides just walking.

Oh, also, I found myself kind of more tired a couple days this week.  I went to bed around 9-9:30 a few times, which is early for me.  I thought that was kind of funny, since most people talk about the second trimester energy.  I kind of had the opposite in my first official week and was falling asleep.

Anyway, that about sums up week 14!  Onward!


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