Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 2 Check In

So today was my due date!  Allie is now two weeks old!  It's cliche, but time is flying by already and the first two weeks have definitely been kind of a blur.  Some highlights...

In Allie's second week:

She met her Uncle Mark.  He flew down from NJ and hung out with her for a few days.  It was really fun having him here :)

She impressed the lactation consultant with her awesome feeding skills.  At my appointment they weighed her before and after feeding and she gained 2 1/2 oz after eating.  My biggest problem is over supply, but it seems to be stabilizing and I haven't pumped in a while so that my body would naturally regulate itself to Allie's feeding schedule.  It seems to have worked.

She tried out her Ergo and play mat.

She went on more walks.

She was held by her grandma and grandpa a million times.  They were here til Monday and then headed back to Hilton Head.  I was so glad to have them for Allie's first couple weeks and my first couple as a mother.  I definitely burst in to tears when they left on Monday, even though they'll be back in a couple weeks.  They were a huge help and I loved seeing them love on my daughter.

She had two baths and hated both of them.

Allie is doing great!
She sometimes gets a little fussy, but usually she has a reason and needs a diaper change or is hungry.
She is still doing pretty good at sleeping at night.  She can go pretty long stretches without waking up, it's usually just getting her to sleep in the first place that's tough.

During the day it's hit or miss whether she's awake or not.  Sometimes she's awake and has her eyes open and is looking around, other times she snoozes for a while.  Car rides always put her to sleep and she's usually asleep for a while after them.

She's still a pretty good eater.  I got into a habit of feeding her lying down side-by-side on the bed this week and we did most of our feedings that way.  Just to be sure, I tried feeding her with the My Brest Friend today though and she will still eat that way too.  I think lying down is actually the easiest way to feed her, but probably not the most practical.
I also think she smiled a bunch this week.  Once my mom was holding her and I came over and she looked up and smiled right at me.  Cool!

Knock on wood, but I think we got really lucky and have a really good baby.  I'm elated :)

Photo credit to my friend Cindi.


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