Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July 2012

This year, for the 4th, my friends decided we would do the all American thing and go check out a new hot dog place that just opened in Charlotte.  JJ Red Hots had its grand opening on the 4th and boasts plenty of hot dogs, sausages, and fried sides to go with them.

I decided on the Joliet Jake, which is their Chicago style dog, minus raw onions.  I also got onion rings on the side.  See the distinction?  I like cooked onions, but not raw ;)

My friend Sarah and I shared a chocolate shake, which might have been my favorite thing, but everything was really good :)

After dinner we headed back to Brad and Kelly's house, as per usual.  Drinks were consumed, and we dove into desserts that Kelly and I made.

Kelly made a fruit tart that was definitely fitting for 4th of July, and I made my peach/cherry crisp (sans blueberries because I was out).

I had a little of each.

I'm not sure anyone else really cared about seeing fireworks as much as I did, but I rounded up the group and forced them to come with me to uptown to check out the display.

We had a decent vantage point from a parking garage roof and just as nice?  It wasn't that difficult to get in and out of with the crowds.  Bonus :)

Another 4th come and gone.  I don't think my neighborhood got the memo though, since every night this week they've been setting off fireworks, freaking poor Clyde out :(  I'm constantly rescuing him from a closet or the pantry where he's hiding from the noise.

Anyway, I for one, had a good time on the 4th, and hope you all did too!


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