Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Eleventh Week

Wow, 12 weeks pregnant.  I can't believe I am here!

So this week was interesting.  At the beginning of the week I would say I actually felt like I had less symptoms than some of my previous weeks, but towards the end I got hit hard.  I spent Monday home from work because I woke up with a killer headache and then threw up.  Whether this was due to the 10 hour Sex and the City marathon and half a box of Sour Patch Kids I consumed on Sunday or actual pregnancy, I'm not sure.  Both maybe.  Sleeping most of the morning seemed to help a lot.

My nap partner.

By dinner time I was able to meet up with some great friends at Bad Daddy's for sort of a Charlotte Blogger reunion.

Ha!  Me reacting to Katie's story.

Based on the reaction of my blogger friends, it's apparent that I am still not really showing yet, which I already kind of thought, despite my husband frequently telling me he thinks I am.  I feel like at certain times you can see a bit of a bump and at other times it's not really noticeable at all.  Monday night was definitely one of those less noticeable nights.  Here's a couple self portraits from the week.  I think we still have more of a beer gut going.

In other news, I went to a maternity store this week and bought one of my first maternity articles of clothing, a dress to wear to a wedding shower this weekend.  The dress doesn't really look maternity, but works for normal bod or pregnant bod, so I figured it was a good buy.  I'll show a picture next week when I wear it to the shower.

I've been still craving cheeseburgers, and red meat in general, fairly frequently.  The other day I got the idea to make tacos and they tasted so good!  Clyde is definitely on board with the meat trend, as I usually rarely cook meat at our house.

A new snack I'm into is Pirate's Booty.

Oh my, this stuff is like crack!  I usually have a small bowl of it as my evening snack.  It has replaced my potato chip craving for the time being.  I'm also into cherries and apple slices with peanut butter.  I actually did have more of an aversion to veggies this week.  I can't eat green peppers at all, and spinach also didn't sound appealing this week.  I did cram down a couple salads, but they didn't usually sound that good to me.

I'm starting to wonder if my scale is broken, because apparently I still haven't really gained any weight, which surprises me with the amount of cheeseburger and carbs I continue to cram into my mouth.  I guess eventually it'll creep on?

Until this week, with the exception of the crankies, I have avoided most of the emotional weepies of pregnancy that every talks about.  This week, I definitely lost it when I read Katie's post about Waldo.  I started all out bawling, with out a tissue in sight.  It was not good.  I followed that up with a few more tears shed this week while watching various things on TV.

To cap off the week, I told my boss I'm pregnant.  He actually had the best reaction possible and was really excited for me, which was awesome.  His daughter was conceived through IVF and he's aware of my struggles to conceive and overcome miscarriage, so I know he shared in the victory of me being pregnant.  He is also on board with my maternity leave plans, so now I know I can get the ball rolling on checking into day care options now that I have a time line in mind.

I'm looking forward to my 12 week ultrasound (NT scan) on tomorrow and hoping for a good one.  I think this one will really help to solidify that everything is really going well and reinforce it even more for me.  I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes!


The Friendly Skies said...

Don't worry about lack of weight gain! I ate meat like a maniac around this time and in six weeks had only gained a pound. I was sick as a dog as well but I really believe our bodies are amazing and tell us what they need.

Here's my advice- embrace maternity clothes early on. I was much more comfortable in maternity clothes early even though I wasn't really showing! :)

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