Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Eighteenth Week

So I'm 19 Weeks!  

Most of the eighteenth week was spent traveling around the Midwest visiting Greg's family and some of our friends in Illinois and Indiana, which I hope to recap more of later in a separate post.  I'm slow these days, I know!

Traveling didn't allow for my normal level of activity (I normally walk about 5-6 days a week), but I did get in two walks, in Chicago and Indiana, plus some extra walking with friends and family when we were out and about.

We visited a Buy Buy Baby with Greg's parents so they could look at baby stuff with us.  We looked at cribs, strollers, and all sorts of other stuff.  I'm not as overwhelmed as I used to be, but still have some things to figure out.  Greg's Dad got excited and bought the baby some monkey outfits and a stuffed monkey.

We were also in Columbus one night of the trip (on our way to Chicago), and I did a quick run through the book store to get an Ohio State (my Alma mater) onesie!

Greg's sister has four kids, the youngest being about three, and she gave us a bunch of baby stuff, including a pack-n-play, convertible car seat, diaper genie, and some toys.

My appetite is pretty normal now.  I did have one brief episode of dry-heaving one morning during our trip, but for the most part I felt pretty good, especially since I was trapped in a car for lots of the trip.

There's more a bump now, so it was a good time to visit everyone and show it off.

Since it's on the cusp of weeks 18/19, I will tell you that we found out the gender at our appointment Tuesday, and it's....  A GIRL!!  I actually kind of thought it was from the beginning, and then the night before our anatomy scan I dreamed we found out it was a girl.  Greg had been leaning towards thinking it was a boy.  I'll have more on all of this in my next report, in the meantime, we'll let the news sink in ourselves!


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