Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Twentieth Week

Here we are at 21 weeks!

Let's recap week 20, shall we?

I had some significant heartburn several nights this week.  I checked my list of approved meds during pregnancy and can takes Tums, so popping one at night seemed to help on the nights I got it.  In previous weeks I got it once in a while if I ate pepperoni pizza or something, but now it doesn't seem to really matter what I'm eating, I just sometimes get it anyway, even if I'm avoiding something acidic.  The good news is that it's not every night, but I've noticed it's definitely more frequent, and I'm probably going to have to think more about my nighttime food choices from here on out or pay the consequences.

Wednesday night I went over to visit Lindsay and Lila.  She's super tiny, and I enjoyed holding her and listening to her and her husband tell me how things have been going.  It amazes me how my friends that are recent parents seem like such pros at being parents only weeks after having a baby.  This gives me hope that I can do this too!  I'm really starting to visualize what life with a baby is going to be like and having these glimpses into my friends lives is really helping.  I'm soaking it all in.

I called the hospital and set up a maternity ward tour for Greg and I for later this month, along with some classes.  It was challenging with Greg's schedule though, because a lot of the classes I signed up for are in upcoming months and we don't know whether he'll be off or actually make it.  Some of them he doesn't need to be there for, but there are some that I think he should attend, so we'll see if I have to reschedule them.

I went camping with some friends this weekend, which posed a few challenges due to the pregnancy.  The plan for lunch the first day was deli meat sandwiches so I packed my own peanut butter and jelly (actually it was almond butter and jelly)- no big deal.  Sleeping is challenging enough in a comfortable bed at this point, and I spend all night flipping from right to left side.  In a sleeping bag, which I placed on an old foam egg crate mattress topper, I was even less comfortable than usual, and flipping was REALLY hard, especially with Clyde next to me.  I also had to get up and leave the tent in the middle of the night to pee, which I kind knew would happen, since usually at home I go at least once or twice at night now.  Finally, we went for a hike, and I was noticeably more tired and winded than usual.  I know it was partly due to not sleeping well the night before, but my endurance is also way down.  I guess that's to be expected when my primary workout is now walking.  I still got in a decent hike, but turned back earlier than most of the hikers with my friend Jess.

This week someone that didn't know I was pregnant actually asked if I was, so that was the first time that's happened.  I'm not sure if I just look bigger or if she's just really ballsy.  Probably both!  I was also wearing kind of an obvious maternity top, so that probably enhanced the bump more.  I tend to wear loose fitting tops that probably hide the bump sometimes, so I'm sure a lot of people don't know.

I'm feeling movement every day now, but it still doesn't feel like what I expected kicking to feel like.  It does feel similar to gas bubbles like some people have said, and only lately has it gotten stronger so that I can distinguish that it really is movement.  I'm guessing it'll get stronger and feel more powerful as the baby grows.

You know how they say you go into nesting mode during pregnancy?  Well, no one told me my husband would too.  I came home from work the other day to the nursery completely cleaned out and my husband in full blown "let's get this done now" mode.  He had vacuumed, cleaned the baseboards, and spackled a gouge in the wall in the nursery.  He was all hyper to go to Lowe's and buy the paint, which we did last night, so that he can paint the entire nursery.  I am amused.  We also got our crib mattress at Target while we were out.  Things are moving along!  \

Lastly, I thought I'd start doing this kind of update as well, now that we're in the second half of the pregnancy.

How far along? 21 Weeks
Maternity clothes? Some regular, some maternity.  I have almost no normal bottoms I can fit into now though.
Stretch marks? Nope.
Symptoms: heartburn
Best moment this week: working on the nursery with my hubby and feeling more movement
Miss Anything? beer, wine, sushi, and the convenience of eating deli meat.
Movement: Yes, but I'd love more and stronger kicks!
Food cravings: ice cream, Indian food (which I had an aversion to in the first tri), carbs
Anything making you queasy or sick: toothpaste.  Luckily I started using Close-up (cinnamon flavored) on days when I feel like mint toothpaste is making me gag and that seems to help.  Something about the mint just makes me gag.
Have you started to show yet: Yes, I think it's finally becoming more obvious.
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: No, thank god!
Belly Button in or out? In
Mood: Great!  I just had one of those awestruck moments today where I was seriously grateful for all that has happened :)
Looking forward to: Working more on the nursery, registering, feeling more movement and kicks.


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