Saturday, October 13, 2012

Road Trip Part II

I've resigned to the fact that I'm kind of a bad blogger at this point.  I rarely lug my big camera with me places (I'm taking many of my pics on the IPhone these days), all of my posts are recaps, and many of them are belated by a week or in this case two!  Anyway, I've said it before- this blog is really kind of a journal for me, even though I LOVE connecting with you guys as well.  Life is busy, and sometimes spending the two-three nights with my husband while he's home takes priority over getting my blog posts up in a timely fashion.  Just thought I'd give that brief disclaimer before I post my second road trip recap two weeks late ;)

So we left off leaving Chicago.  I drove the leg between Chicago and Indianapolis, and we actually hit a decent amount of traffic at one point in the trip, which made me feel like this...

I'm an impatient driver.  It's a good thing I don't live in DC anymore...

We arrived at Greg's friend Dave's house outside of Indy around lunchtime and he got us Jimmy John's subs for lunch.  He's got two little boys, and we'd only met one of them, six years ago at our wedding, so we got to see how big he'd gotten and meet his little brother.  Dave and Greg went to college together and were flight instructors together, so they go way back.

Greg had gotten Dave a couple PlayStation games for his birthday, so the guys played some flight game for a while, and Dave's wife and I chatted about my pregnancy.  We stayed a couple hours before heading back to the car for our next leg of the trip, to just south of Indy, to see my friend Melanie.  Last time I saw Melanie was a week before she ended up giving birth to her son, when I went to Dayton for her baby shower about a year and a half ago. I had yet to meet her son, Isaac.

We got there at dinner time and they had planned for us to go to a nearby winery where they had music and food trucks set up.

We all decided we wanted potatoes from the spud  truck.  I had the Veggie Spud and it was awesome- lots of broccoli, carrots, cheese and sour cream.

The wait was pretty long and it was a little dark by the time I got it, so I went sans picture of the spud.  We spent a good amount of time chasing Isaac around while eating :)

It got dark quickly, so we finished our potatoes and headed back to their house to chat and go to bed.

Sunday, after breakfast, Melanie and I took Isaac and Clyde for a walk.

Then we all got ready for the day.  We went to lunch in downtown Indy at a pet friendly restaurant on the canal.

We sat outside so Clyde could join us.

How cute is Isaac?!

Lunch was good, I had a portobello panini, chips, and a salad, and the chips were homemade and amazing :)

We did a quick walk around the canal after lunch.

Then we went to a park where Melanie had a family photo shoot scheduled.  Luckily it was pet friendly so Greg and I were able to walk Clyde around while they had their pictures taken.

I got a bunch of shots of everyone while we were there :)

The park was really picturesque.

There were trails through the woods...

And even a lake!

We all met up after the photo shoot and got a couple more pictures.

Isaac was a favorite photo subject for me.

Good practice for lots of baby photo shoots this spring!  After some fun in the park, we decided to stay in for dinner at Melanie's house and grill out.

We spent some time in their backyard, which backs up to a pond/lake.  Isaac likes picking up the hickory nuts on their dock and throwing them into the water.  It occupied him for a while.

One last shot of Melanie and I...

It felt like all of our visits were kind of short with everyone we saw, but it was a good way to see everyone by driving all over, so I feel like it was a good trip.  I think Greg and I are both relieved that we got to see so many friends and family that we've been meaning to visit for so long.  And probably the next time we see most of them, we'll have our new baby to show off, which is crazy to think about!


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