Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Twenty-Third Week

24 Weeks pregnant!

Apparently this is the beginning of slight viability, where the baby has a slightly better chance of survival than before if it were to come early.  So yay for that!

So, the beginning of the 23rd week started with a trip to my OB for a check-up.  It was actually a really quick appointment.  I got to hear the heartbeat with the Doppler (in the 150's), had my vitals and weight checked, and that was pretty much it.  The midwife I saw reminded me I should pre-register at the hospital where I'm delivering and also told me to pick a pediatrician.  I did the pre-registration this week and know the practice I of pediatricians I plan to use, I just need to call and get set up.

In other news, I started a registry.  I decided to go ahead and start an Amazon one online last week and have gradually been adding items to it.  I plan to drag Greg with me to Buy Buy Baby this week to do the other one if we can fit it in.  My strategy is to put more of the essentials on the Buy Buy Baby one and I've been putting more of the "secondary" type items on the Amazon one.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I know for myself when I buy registry items, I like to physically go to the store and look at the options, so I'm thinking more people will use at the Buy Buy Baby one?  I could be wrong.  If you guys have input, let me know.  I'm a newbie!

I finally found some frames for the nursery prints that I think will work.  I actually found them at Kohls and got a pretty good deal, four 11x17 frames with the 8x10 matte for about $50.  Only thing?  I had major pregnancy brain and forgot to return the other ones I had originally gotten at Michaels, even though they were sitting in the car ready to go back.  Oh well, I will do it on another trip!  The curtains I ordered also came this week, so hopefully Greg will want to put them up soon so we can see how they look.  I'm excited though, they seem to match the colors of our bedding perfectly :)

Plans for my baby shower are getting underway, which is really cool.  That's another one of those milestones I sometimes didn't know if I'd ever hit.  In addition to my friend/family one, this week a co-worker asked me if she could throw me one at work, which I thought was so sweet.  I'm really looking forward to those, which will both be in January after the holidays.

Let's talk pregnancy body and physical symptoms.  The belly is really out there now.  No doubt.  I was asked when I was due and what I was having by a sales lady at Belk last weekend.  I also had another person at work ask me if I was pregnant.  It's still funny to me that I'm noticeably pregnant to all now.  So weird. I'm up about 13 lbs in weight now.

Cropped my head out because my eyes were closed...

I had a couple more bouts with heartburn this week.  I feel like it's completely random for me though, sometimes I have it bad and other nights nothing.  I can't even really establish a pattern of certain foods that are triggering it or anything.  I'm thinking citrus juices is one thing though, because I know one time I had a bunch of lemonade and another day I had a tall glass of OJ and I definitely had it those nights.  I think I'm going to steer clear of citrus drinks for a while.  The other stuff seems to be a crap shoot.

I'm also still noticing how easily I get tired from standing, walking, etc...  I've gone to bed early a lot in the last week and on nights when I stayed up later, I was pretty exhausted.  I think my uterus is also pushing stuff up into my lung area and I'n noticing that I'm short of breath easier.  I think because I have a short torso all the space is getting used, so I'm probably feeling it more than some people with more room in their torsos.

I'm admittedly a little frustrated with where I'm at with movement/kicking at this point.  People keep telling me that it'll eventually get so frequent and strong that it'll be borderline annoying.  At this point, I am feeling movement everyday, but it's not that frequent and not that strong, it's still more like most people describe it in the early weeks of feeling it.  Just like with all my other pregnancy stuff, I just kind of want the clear symptoms to confirm that everything is okay in there.  Lack of movement/kicking just makes me kind of nervous.  Come on baby, kick me!  

How far along? 24 Weeks
Maternity clothes? Mostly maternity.
Stretch marks? Nope.
Symptoms: Physical tiredness, heartburn again, protruding belly.
Best moment this week: Hearing her heartbeat.
Miss Anything? Running.  I had a non-alcoholic beer one night this week, so I got that out of my system ;)
Movement: Yes, but I'd still like it to be stronger and/or more frequent.
Food cravings: Cake, cheese burgers, Basic 4 cereal, popcorn, and carbs in general.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing this week.
Have you started to show yet: Yes, pretty much no doubt what's going on there now.
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: No, thank god!
Belly Button in or out? In
Mood: Good!
Looking forward to:  Registering, my first hospital class (this weekend), seeing the curtains and pictures up in the nursery.


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