Saturday, May 18, 2013

Three Month Favorites

Now that we're three months in I figured I would do a new baby favorites post.  Here are some things we've found to be really useful in the past 3 months.

Swaddle Me sleep sacks.  We have been using these for a while now and they work great to get Allie to sleep long stretches at night.  The only drawback is that they don't work that well in the crib for us, but with the Pack N Play bassinet, they are awesome.  I recently bought the Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit, after hearing about them on Megan's blog, to try for crib sleeping and she does nap well in it, but I haven't bitten the bullet yet and used it during nighttime in the crib.

Pottery Barn lamb rattle.  Allie loves this thing.  It's almost a sure way to get her to crack a smile.  I use it on the changing table and have started even bringing it with us places because she loves it when you touch her cheek with it and rattle it in front of her.

Advent 0-6 pacifiers.  She really doesn't seem to like any other ones but these, which surprised me since my brother, my niece, and I were all diehard Nuk users.  I have at least two with me at all times.

Bibs.  I recently added some of these Tommee Tippee ones to our collection after seeing them in Target.  We don't have as many issues with spit up as we used to, but I still usually put a bib on Allie after she eats just in case (hence why she has one on in many pictures).  I like these ones though because they have a thick neck rim so spit up doesn't get between her and the bib.  I am now that person whose baby has a bib on in every picture.  You don't get it til you have a baby and they start spitting up on everything.  Necessary!

Graco strollers.  We now have both the Graco Fast Action Fold Sport Click Connect and the Fast Action Fold Jogger.  Which go with our car seat (the Graco Click Connect 40).  I had wanted to get the BOB Revolution for my jogging stroller, but as far as I know, it still isn't compatible with my car seat (Click Connect 40 can only be used with other Click Connect 40 products).  I am very pleased with this jogging stroller so far though- it's really smooth and it's so easy to click the car seat into.  It can also be used without the car seat.  I usually keep the jogger at our house in the garage to use for walks or runs from the house and the other stroller in my car for when I need one when I'm out.

Baby sunglasses.  Nuf said!  (These are from the Carter's Outlet).

Lullaby CDs.  We have the Jim Brickman piano lullabies CD and the Coldplay Rockabye Baby CD.  Both are in constant rotation in my car and are great for getting Allie to go to sleep or calming her down if she's fussy in the car.  I will say I'm a little sick of both of them right now though because I play them so much!

Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker.  This is a new favorite.  Even though we have a swing, a bouncer, a Rock N Play, and seemingly a million different devices that seem similar to this, Allie really seems to like this thing.  I actually just took it out of the box and assembled it recently, after it had been sitting in my dining room unopened, because I had debated trying to return it somewhere since we have so many similar devices.  I decided I should keep it though because it was a gift from several co-workers.  Glad I kept it because she loves the vibration and the animals hanging from the bar above.  The turtle plays a song when you pull on it and she loves it!  Also, apparently it can be used til she's a toddler as a chair, so hopefully it'll be used for a while.

Our changing table area.  I know a lot of people don't end up using their changing tables, but I ALWAYS use mine.  I think it's great and Allie LOVES being on it and looking at her mirror and lanterns.  I even take her there to calm her down if she's upset, because it's her happy place.  I definitely suggest putting stuff above your changing table for the baby to look at!

I just took a look at my newborn list and most of the stuff on there is still really useful to us.

We definitely use a million burp clothes a day.
Still prefer Pampers (although we usually buy whatever is on sale).
Still use and love the Mustela shampoo.
We use the Aden and Anais blankets more than the heavier blankets now that it's warm out.  I always have one draped over my stroller to protect Allie from the sun when we go for walks.  The heavy blankets are great for playing on the floor though.

As for the not useful stuff-
Baby socks became useful once we actually started dressing her in something other than sleepers.  Lately she's been in a lot of summery clothing so she's been going barefoot a lot, but we had a phase when she was in lots of onesies, pants, and socks, so they were great for that period of time.  They are definitely hard to keep on though!
Still not using the Itzbeen timer.
We occasionally use the swing, but she doesn't love it.
As I mentioned, we eventually did start using the Swaddle Me's and those are great.  I have a Miracle Blanket and it's too much work to try and fold all that fabric under her arms and around her, so I prefer the ease of the velcro since I'm usually swaddling her when she's half asleep and trying not to wake her up.

That's about it for now!


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