Thursday, May 9, 2013

Twelve Weeks

Wow, I can't believe Allie is already three months old!  Well twelve weeks.  Greg tells me she won't be three months til 5/13 since she was born on 2/13.  Confusing.  I'm just going with it being about 3 months now.

She gets more fun every day and I feel like I'm falling more and more in love with her.  I can't get enough of her cute face and sweet disposition.  I constantly sit and stare at all her cute little baby parts.  She is an awesome baby!  I feel really lucky.

At three months she is:

-Wearing mostly 0-3 or 3M clothes.
-In size 1 diapers
-About 12 lbs (by my scale- holding her)

She can grasp things pretty well now, like rattles, my hair, her pacifier (she pulls it out of her mouth and holds it).

Allie slept through the night twice this week!  The first night she went down around 9pm, but we watched her flail around some on the monitor so she really went to sleep closer to 9:45pm.  She slept til 6:30am.  She slept about the same amount the second night.  We'll see if this continues  I'm pretty amazed!  Greg set up our air purifier in the bedroom the night she first slept through, and I think maybe it's because of the "white noise" coming from it.  It's different from her usual white noise we use on the baby monitor and I think it's more soothing to her.  All I know is that we'll be using that where she is sleeping if this trend continues.

We're still not doing crib sleeping except for some naps.  Naps are still all over the place.  I don't notice much of a pattern in terms of when she naps except that she usually takes at least one nap in the morning, then maybe a longish one in the middle of the day, and then probably another one in the afternoon, but she also has a couple others in there that are shorter.  They are no where near regular or at certain times though, and the length of them varies wildly.  I admit that I'm not doing a great job at enforcing or tracking them.  Sometimes Allie falls asleep on me and I make zero attempt to put her in the crib or a more appropriate location, because I just love holding her, watching her, and kissing her while she's sleeping.  I also don't plan my day around her potential naps, so when she has long ones it's still usually when I take her out in the middle of the day.

Passed out on the boppy lounger.

Allie likes:  diaper changes, the changing table (she loves being on it, looking around, kicking, smiling, playing with rattles), her play mat, staring at me, listening to me sing and talk to her, staring at other babies, the squeeker on her firefly toy, eating, taking her Vitamin D

Allie dislikes:  having a dirty diaper, being hungry, being under or over stimulated, being in the car seat when she's not sleeping in it.

Allie is pretty happy these days.  She has the occasional angry-cry meltdown, but they are less frequent now and I feel like she rarely cries in general, she mainly cries if she's just really upset and that's what I refer to as the mad/angry cry.  It usually kind of comes out of nowhere.

Gymboree is still going pretty well.  She did two classes this week and did pretty good.  She fell asleep at the end of the first one and had a meltdown at the end of the second, but overall she seems to like it.  I think she mainly likes seeing the other babies.  Most of the time I have trouble getting her to look at me because she's staring at the baby next to her.

We got out the jogging stroller yesterday and decided to take it for a test walk.  I have decided that running on flat even pavement is no more jarring (probably less) than walking on the uneven sidewalk, so I think I am going to do some careful, slow running with Allie in the jogging stroller (in her car seat).  I know it's a subject of a lot of debate but my gut says that will be ok and I'll be really careful.  Heck, I took her into Target with her car seat in a shopping cart the other day and she was bouncing all over the place in their parking lot, so I feel like as long as the pavement is smooth, this should not be a problem.

I feel like I've gotten the hang of being a mom for the most part.  This past week I struggled some with the idea that I am doing it all,  in terms of Allie, and it caused me to melt down a little.  Greg is gone a lot and the past couple weeks he has had a nasty cold and not wanted to get to close to Allie, so other than being at my parents and having them help me, I haven't had a ton of help or relief in taking care of Allie.  She is a fairly easy baby, but still, it's hard to always be "on".  It's weird because I want to do it all, but at the same time, it's a lot.  We are hoping Greg is better soon so that he can participate more because aside from wanting more help with Allie, I really think they are missing out on bonding.

Anyway, it's been a great three months, and I look forward to the next three!  I love this girl so much!


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