Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cookie Exchanging

After tearing myself away from my adorable niece...

I arrived home from Hilton Head on Tuesday night around 8pm.  After unpacking my car, the first thing I did was start getting out cookie ingredients and start whipping up some cookies.  I had two cookie exchanges (you can read about the one I hosted last year here) coming up, and knew I needed to get a jump on things.  Enter, a gazillion batches of spice cookies. 

I love making my orange chocolate pinwheels, candy cane cookies, sugar cookies, and a few others during the holidays, but these cookies are probably the easiest homemade Christmas cookies I make each year, so they were a logical choice since I knew I had a busy week going on and many of the other cookies are way more labor intensive and time consuming with multiple stages of chilling, rolling, etc...  The spice cookies are cool because you pretty much mix the wet stuff, mix the dry stuff, and then mix them together.  Perfect! 

Armed with 6 dozen spice cookies, the first cookie exchange I went to was at Brittany's house.  She had out some festive wine glasses, so I helped myself to a glass of red while checking out the cookie spread.

We did a bunch of chatting about babies, book club (which we haven't done consistently in a couple months now), and all other fun girl stuff, before we got in there and collected up our cookie hauls.

We of course got the obligatory group shot.  Love these girls.

(borrowed from Brittany)

That's me on the end looking awkward as usual...haha.

Cookie success!

The second cookie exchange I had this week was at work yesterday.  This one only required 2 dozen cookies, but you only got one of each other kind of cookie.  I had my box sitting my office and had to shoo a few people away since I only have one of each kind to try!

I will tell you that there used to be a coconut macaroon in there that was promptly devoured.  I need to learn how to make macaroons.

Good thing Greg is home this weekend.  I need his help in gobbling these babies up!

Did you attend (or host) a cookie exchange this year?


Anonymous said...

Fun! No cookie exchange for me this year but I have a girlfriend coming over next week and we'll spend the whole day baking. I think we each have four different cookie recipes we want to do. And then I'll have to try and keep my hands off of them until Christamas Eve :(

YUMMommy said...

A cookie swap sounds great. I might have try this with my friends next year. Do you have any recipes for sugar cookies or chocolate chip? I tried a recipe a while back & it turned out to be a disaster. Hoping to give it cookie making another shot & have success. LOL

lynda said...

Looks great! I hosted my annual cookie exchange last Saturday, lots of fun. I'm on cookie overload! I had to give a ton away.

Your niece is adorable! Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season. Can't wait til HLS next year!!

Katie @ Legally Fit said...

Looks like fun! :) Your niece is adorable!

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