Saturday, December 31, 2011

Summing up 2011

Last year, I did a post summing up 2010.  It was funny to read through it and see where I was, with my assessment of the year and my hopes for 2011, last year.  Mostly, I just remember feeling like I was on the verge of some pretty exciting things- running my first marathon and trying to get pregnant, finally after waiting years to even try.  I guess technically I accomplished both of these goals in 2011, but I really didn't accomplish that second goal the way I'd hoped to.  I didn't know trying to get pregnant would define my year so much.  Anyway, here's this year's version of the survey.

1. Your 2010 in three words:   Trying, Pregnancy, Coping
I hate to say it, but when I think about this year, that's what really stands out to me.  Trying to get pregnant, being pregnant for a short time, and then coping with the miscarriage and trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant again.  It's been a really hard year trying to make it happen and it really took a toll on me, emotionally.

2. Your top 10 best moments/nights/events/etc. of 2011:
Not including the day I found out I was pregnant and the time I knew I was pregnant, I would say these were my favorite times of the year:

Visiting New Orleans with Greg.
Running the Charleston Marathon!
Weekend in DC visiting my friend Alison and spectating at the National Marathon.
The weekend I went to Albany for a wedding and then to NYC to see my brother.
My friend Melanie's baby shower.
Healthy Living Summit
Visiting NH
Smoky Mountain Trip
Spectating at the Savannah Marathon
Meeting my niece and doing early Christmas with my fam.

3. The best purchase you made in 2011?

Probably my IPhone.  My first phone with internet on it.  Life changing!  I can tweet, play Angry Birds, or read blogs anywhere.  Good times!

4. The music that defined your year?

Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
The Damnwells
Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, and lots of other country- I listened to a lot of country music in the car and at work.

5.  Your best kiss of 2010:  Oh I don't know...  Pretty much anytime my husband is home to kiss it's a good thing!

6.  The night you felt the best/prettiest all year:  I felt pretty good when Greg took me out for my birthday...

7.  The best meal you ate in 2011:  The one I had with my Mom at Vivace during Charlotte restaurant week stands out!  Yum!

8.  The people you missed the most in 2011:  I was lucky that I got to see both of my long distance best friends this year, so that was cool!  I would actually say Greg, because he had a tough schedule this year with only 12 days off a month and he missed a lot, unfortunately.  It also, as a lot of you know, made it that much more difficult for us in our efforts to conceive that he was gone so much of the time.

9.  The best movie you saw all year:  I thoguht Crazy Stupid Love was great.

10.  The person you got to know the most in 2011:  Probably Cindi and Erin.  We hung out quite a bit this year. 

Cindi is funny, down to earth, and easy to talk to.  Oh and her baby is CUTE, so that doesn't hurt!

Erin and I roomed together at the Healthy Living Summit and even shared a bed, so that right there took our relationship to the next level ;)  Just kidding!  Seriously though, Erin and I had many long talks about my TTC efforts this year, she was a great friend to listen to me whine about it and get together with me when Greg was traveling.  I enjoyed our time together all year!

11.  The person you grew apart from the most in 2011:  Thankfully no one really.  I've mananged to maintain some pretty strong friendships!

12.  The biggest risk you took in 2011:  Maybe blogging about my miscarriage?  I just felt like I needed to get it out and wanted other people dealing with this to not feel alone.

13.  The biggest change you made in 2011:   Last year it was running more, this year it was running less.  I spent a lot of time worried this year that running would interfere with my efforts to conceive, so I cut way back on running.  I kind of regret that...  I've picked it up more since October/November though, consistently running at least twice a week or more, so I'm glad to be back at it.  I did about 3.5 miles this morning and felt great.

14.  Your biggest accomplishment in 2011:  Running my full marathon

15.  What you’re hoping for in 2012:
To get pregnant AND carry my baby to term (just so there's no confusion about that!).
For Greg's job with the airlines to be stable and continue on an upward trend.
To be happy!!! (I wish for that every year)
To visit family and friends I didn't get to see enough this year.
To continue working out, probably a little more than I did this year.
To try not to let TTC take over my life as much and dictate my happiness.
To take a few fun trips.  We have one coming up in January!  More to come on that...

To sum it up, I'd be lying if I said that 2011 felt like a great year for me, it was a really hard year, and I'm not really sorry to see it go.  A lot of tears were shed, a lot of days were kind of dark for me...  But I did have some great times too.  It's been hard for me to remain optimistic and keep the momentum of hope going this year, but I will say that while running this morning, I felt a glimmer of hope for the new year.  I really, really hope this is the year we add a baby to our family.  I've never felt more ready.  Here's hoping this is a great year, and I'll do my best to make it a great one! 

Happy New Year to you guys and thanks again for reading my blog all year!


Liz @ runbakerace said...

Happy New Year!!! I hope 2012 is a year full of happiness and joy for you and your hubby :). Congrats on finishing the marathon in 2011, that's amazing!

Runblondie26 said...

Happy New Year!

I hope 2012 brings the little baby you're do ready to welcome and love. You've really had some great travels and time with friends and family. May that continue into te new year.

Katie @ Legally Fit said...

Happy New Year! I'm so glad we got to hang out this year. I hope 2012 brings you some wonderful news :)

Sana said...

I have soo many well wishes for you for 2012, I really hope that this is your year <3

Jen said...

I hope 2012 will be your year! <3

Jen said...

happy 2012! i am thinking about you and sending so much positive energy your way.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Britt! I so hope you get your baby soon. I loved your visit to NH too. And I just recenly watched Crazy, Stupid Love and thought it was great. -Jen T.

Anonymous said...

2012 will be a GREAT year for you! I know it!

Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

Aw! This is so sweet!! Seriously one of the highlights of my 2011 was getting to know you. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful friend and cannot wait for more fun in 2012. :)

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