Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Christmas List 2011

You all know that the thing I most want for Christmas is this...

Fingers crossed!

In terms of tangible items that I told my family I'd like, here's my list.

Amazon Kindle.  I'm kind of behind the curve on the Kindle, but since I actually did read a lot this year, I think it would be fun to have one.  I am not that familiar with all the differences in the Fire and regular Kindle, but I trust Santa to figure it out.

New running shoes.  My Asics are in desperate need of replacement.  I know a new version has come out since last time I bought some, so I'm hoping for these Asics GT 2160 in the purple color.  Cute, right?

Wire whisk attachment for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  My mixed just came with the standard attachment, so this would be a nice alternative and good for whipping things.

Photojojo IPhone lenses.  My husband is skeptical about these, but I think they look really cool and want to try them!

Vegetable Mandolin.  Even, thin slices.  Sign me up!  I just hope I don't lose the tip of my finger...

Pretty camera strap from Etsy.

Camera bag.  I actually asked for a similar one from the same Etsy shop last year.

A nice light box.  I have kind of a crappy one I made and this one seems so much nicer.

That's about it.  Obviously, I'd trade all these objects for a healthy pregnancy, but these would be a fun diversion!  What's your hot ticket, must have item this year?


Liz @ runbakerace said...

I love my Kindle!!! Husband got it for me last Christmas and it is one of the best presents ever!! Crossing my fingers that you get the 1st item on your list :)

Ali said...

Praying for you to get your #1 item!

FYI, always use the guard when using a mandolin. I have no fingerprint on my pinky as a result.

Victoria said...

I'm with you on #1. Praying that it will happen for you, too!

The Naked Mother said...

Oh, I SO hope you get your first wish!

I love the fancy camera strap and bag. I might add similar items to my list!

Brittney said...

Thank you guys for hoping and praying for me! :)

Heather said...

those are my exact running shoes! I wanted purple for when I ran with TNT in october ;)

Lindsay said...

I hope that you get your #1 wishlist item soon!

Barbara Hughston said...

Dearest one .. hoping and praying for you #1. Remember that I didn't have Kate until I was 40 years old! There is hope!!

Love you sweetie and really enjoy your blogging.

xxAunt B.
Dana Point, CA

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