Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Day In Charleston

Thursday it was kind of rainy in the Folly Beach/Charleston area.  We decided it might be a good day to skip the beach and head into Charleston to have lunch, walk around, and shop a little.  We originally chose Cru Cafe as our lunch spot, but it had an hour and a half wait when we got there, so we regrouped and decided on Hominy Grill instead.

They started the table off with some boiled peanuts.  I've had them before and thought they were gross, but decided to give them a second chance.  Not bad, kind of moist, but still with the normal peanut taste.  I had a few.

For lunch I ordered a fried green tomato BLT with fries on the side.  Kinda carb heavy, but the waitress explained that swapping fries for a salad was complicated and none of the other sides sounded appealing to me.

The fried green tomato sandwich was delicious!  This was one of a few times I had fried green tomatoes this week and it was excellent.

After lunch we walked around on King Street for a while.

We found this neat little church garden off King Street and walked around in there.

After our detour through the church gardens and graveyard, we headed to the market area of Charleston.

Ashley found this hat, which she got for the beach.

There was lots of jewelry, clothing, baskets, and artwork.

Our next stop was a candy store we'd found the night Greg and I went to dinner at the rooftop bar.

Avery seemed amused by all the colors, textures, and smells.

We picked up some pralines, the classic southern treat.

Once outside the candy store, we looked at the sky and decided it was probably going to rain so we decided to go back to our beach house.  We had a great day in Charleston!  


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