Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Things That Happened Easter Weekend

My Easter weekend began with a Friday night run when I got out of work.  I mentioned before that I'm right on track for my 10K next week, even though I've been moving around training days in my training plan to accomodate my schedule.  If anything I'm usually bumping up my mileage to more that I have to run, but just slightly.  I'll do 3.25 miles instead of 3, that sort of thing.  That's what I ran on Friday night.

Even better?  I ran slightly faster than a 10 minute mile on that run. 
One of my fastest so far in this round of training.  I felt great! 

Saturday, I met my friend Sarah in South Park because we had plans to find me a bridesmaid dress for her wedding.  We went to J.Crew.  Sarah has told us that we can select any dress we like in Organic Green Silk Taffeta.  She and I had both honed in on the Selma dress as the first option for me to try.

It looked great great on.  Even the sample size was perfect for me, so I didn't even have to wonder what size to order.  I tried two other ones on, just for kicks, but this one was the clear winner.  Done!

Sarah and I did a little more shopping and grabbed a quick lunch, before I headed home to hang out with Clyde for a bit before going out for the evening.  I went over to Kelly's house for Brad's birthday party. 

Me and the Birthday boy

Kelly had the party catered, and the food was an awesome spread of Southern fare.  I grabbed a plate with a bit of everything, a wing, brisket, potatoes swimming in creamy sauce, cole slaw, salad, a fried green tomato, and some pimento cheese on crackers.

I washed it down with an Allagash White.  Gotta support my New England breweries ;)

The food was great, but I enjoyed the company even more.
My friends crack me up...

Sarah and I, my friend that I went bridesmaid dress shopping with earlier.

As per usual, I called it a night fairly early and was home by about 11pm. 
 I later heard I missed some funny shenanigans late night, but oh well, I was snoozing with my pup at that point!

Which was good, because I had my long run of 5 miles planned for Sunday morning.  The problem with that was, I slept in, did dishes, cleaned, played around with ITunes, and generally did everything I could think of to procrastinate instead of running.

I had a bagel to fuel for my run.

I finally got out there a little before noon for my run.  Immediately I regretted that I didn't start sooner.  I could feel that it was already kind of hot out.  Five miles shouldn't feel that long to me since I'm a marathoner, but it did yesterday.  It was one of those runs where things just didn't feel right.  I felt hot, tight, and it was labored.  I did get the miles in though.  Back at home after the run, I took my shoes off and realized something was wrong with my left ankle.  It hadn't specifically bothered me on the run, but once I stopped running, I could tell it was messed up.  The jury is out on whether I'm going to be able to do my 10K this weekend.  Right now, it's hard to even walk normally.  Ugh....

Greg got home early afternoon on Sunday.  I greeted him with a kiss and an Easter basket.

I also made us a crustless quiche.  It was a beautiful day and we wanted to do something outside, but anything involving weight on my foot was out.  Solution?  Kayaking.  The best part?  We got to see Clyde in his new life preserver.

He was so friggin cute in that life jacket!

The problem with kayaking with Clyde is that he wants to be in which ever boat he's NOT in, and whines the entire time trying to get to the other boat.  We passed him back and forth a lot over the course of our paddling.

Silly dog!

Overall, it was an excellent Easter weekend.  I'll keep you guys posted on my ankle.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do, except rest it a lot this week in hopes that it'll hold up for Saturday's race.  Ack.


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