Monday, April 16, 2012

Charlotte Racefest and The Aftermath

This recap is really late, I know.  I spent most of yesterday getting organized, packing, and driving to Folly Beach, SC, where I'm currently sitting witnessing a lot of this...

That would be my cute niece :)

Anyway, to back up, Saturday morning I awoke at slightly after 5am to prep for my 10K.  The last 10K I ran was back in 2010- the Hilton Head Turkey Trot.  I knew going into this 10K that I basically had almost zero hope of a PR because that 10K was during marathon training, I was in much better shape, and I wasn't contending with any injuries.  Oh, and it was a flat out-and-back course.

Really, until Friday, I hadn't made up my mind about whether I'd even run the Racefest 10K, because of my ankle issues after my 5 miler last Sunday.  I'd spent the week feeling like my whole left leg felt off and the only run I'd done since the 5 miler was one mile on Wednesday night that also felt crappy.  I had also felt some hamstring tenderness all week, so I knew this race might be a bad idea.  I decided to give it a shot though.

Saturday morning, I got to South Park for the race and picked up my packet.  I found Jen and Kelly via text before the race.

Jen and Kelly were on the fence about which race they were doing- the 10K or the half marathon, even though they were both registered for the half.  Jen decided to do the half and Kelly decided to drop down to the 10K at the last minute (she ditched her chip so she wouldn't throw anything off), since she's had some hip flexor issues.  This ended up being awesome for me because Kelly ended up running the entire race with me, which really helped me.  In fact, the entire distance really felt like no big deal- it was just a leisurely run with Kelly.  We talked and kept each other going the whole time.  Around mile 3-4 I had a little bit of discomfort in my left leg (various places), but it wasn't enough for me to need to stop, I just kept my easy pace going.  Kelly motivated me up a couple hills near the end, and before we knew it we had the finish in sight and were crossing the line together.

My time was 1:02:16 (chip time), almost 7 minutes slower than my PR, but you know what, I was really happy with it considering the year I've had and being semi-injured last week.  Plus, I'm pretty sure that's the longest distance I've done since my marathon!  My friends will tell you that I was pretty giddy on my runner's high after, and it kept me smiling for hours.  This is why I run :)

The race was followed up with breakfast at Flying Biscuit

I went with the bacon and eggs breakfast with poached eggs, potatoes, turkey bacon, and of course the biscuit.  So delicious after my 6.2 miles.

After breakfast I headed to Trader Joe's to stock up on stuff for Folly Beach, then headed home for a while to pack.  This was interrupted by my friends forcing me encouraging me to accompany them to Menchie's for froyo.  I couldn't say no...

Cindi, Caitlin, Kelly, Sara, and I enjoyed heaping cups of the cold creamy stuff with countless candy toppings.  It's a wonder I even had room for dinner later!

Clyde and Cindi's daughter had fun examining each other.

It was great to see the girls.  With all the babies, moving, work, and busy stuff we all have going on, it's been harder to find time to get together lately.  All in all, a great race and great Saturday in Charlotte! 

More to come on my Folly Beach adventures...  :)


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