Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Wow, the week is flying by.  I haven't had much time to blog because I've been running around with my family all week.  Fact: I haven't had an entire week off from work since 2007 when Greg and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon.  Yikes!  I'm the queen of taking days here and there for extended long weekends.  I hoard my leave at work because it's cumulative, but after the year I've had I knew it was time for some real time off.  My parents, brother, sister-in-law, niece, Greg, Clyde, and I are all at a house steps from the beach.  It's nice to be "unplugged", although I did field a couple calls from the office yesterday!

So anyway, Sunday I arrived in time for a walk on the beach with the gang.

This is my niece Avery's first time at the beach.  She has a million cute sunhats!

The beach walk was followed by a dinner of fresh sauteed shrimp with lemon pepper pappardelle pasta, with asparagus and salad.

We also had birthday cake, because Ashley's birthday is in February, Greg's is in March, mine is in April, and Mark's is in May.  My mom thought cake was in order.

This cake is a favorite in my family (we've been having it since I was little)- chocolate cake with chocolate pudding in between the two layers, frosted with cool whip, with crushed Heath bar on top.  This one also had almond slivers on it.  Yummm!

My mom, dad, and brother played golf at Kiawah on Monday, so Greg, Ashley, Avery, Clyde and I spent the day together.  We headed into downtown Folly Beach to get lunch at the Lost Dog Cafe.

It took us a while to all get assembled and over to the restaurant so we didn't eat lunch til about 2pm.  I was so famished, I forgot to get a picture of my lunch, but I had a grilled mahi mahi salad with mango salsa, it was excellent.

We walked around the downtown area to check things out after we ate.

Folly has a laid back, beachy vibe.  There's a bunch of touristy stores, and lots of cute little restaurants.  We headed back to the house to unwind and wait for the golfers to return.

My niece has definitely been keeping us all entertained.  Her cuteness is out of control.

The golfers returned and we had a great dinner of fresh caught baked flounder, roasted potatoes, and salad, before passing out for the night.


Alison said...

Vacation have to get away!! I know what you mean, I never take off a full week, a day here and there. Sounds like you are having fun! Miss you though...

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