Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Hiking We Will Go

Monday I was off for Memorial Day and Greg and I had a rare entire day together.  Mostly, our time together consists of evenings after I get home from work, since Greg tends to usually get days off during the week and hasn't had a weekend off in a while.  We thought about what we should do together, and I suggested going for a hike at Crowder's Mountain, since we hadn't been for a while.

We decided to bring Clyde too, which we knew might be tough at certain points since it can get steep and rocky.  He did awesome though!  He was running right up parts that even Greg and I were struggling with!

It was a warm day, so we made sure to pack a lot of water for ourselves and for Clyde and take lots of water breaks.  After a while, we took a lunch break and ate some Subway subs we had carried up.

After finishing our subs and re hydrating, we headed up the rest of the mountain.

We eventually reached a summit point with a nice view.

It wasn't quite the top of the mountain- there was a little more trail left, but we could tell Clyde was panting a lot and didn't want to push him too much, so we figured this was a good place to stop.

We set our stuff down and hung around this area for a while.

Once we were cooled down and re hydrated, we headed back down the mountain.

It was kind of hot day, but it was pleasantly cooler in the woods, so not too bad.  We had a great time.  Greg and I used to do a lot more hiking when we lived in Virginia.  We were fairly close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and it used to be fun to head over there for a day and do some hiking.  We should really try to go more often here.  Plus, it was good exercise!

Are you into hiking?


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