Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In The Past Week...

Hey all!  I've been pretty busy lately, traveling, working, and jumping from one outing with friends to the next.

Last week I was in DC for a few days for work.  I also got to play a bit though and saw my good friends Alison and Michelle.  We had dinner at Carlyle in Shirlington, one of my favorites in the area.

When I got back to Charlotte, I made plans with Erin to get froyo.  We haven't seen each other much lately, and my heart was broken for her when she lost her sweet pup, Emma.  You know froyo cures broken hearts right?

I got a mix of white chocolate mousse and coconut with mostly chocolatety toppings.

I think it was just what both of us needed.   I also got to meet her new puppy Lucy.  She's basically a ball of golden fur.

How cute is she??

Friday night I headed to Lindsay's baby shower.  I'm really happy for Lindsay.  She's been been through some major struggles in trying to have a baby, like I have, and totally deserves this :)  Gives me hope too!

Her husband made ALL the food for the event!  Amazing.  I really want to send Greg over for cooking lessons.

Saturday involved some much needed house cleaning, a little shopping, and a trip to Earthfare for some groceries.  It was a pretty low-key day and I ended it with a viewing of the Notebook.  It was just one of those nights, you know?

Sunday we got lucky and Greg's trip got dropped, so he actually got to come home a couple days before he was supposed to- rare!  We took the opportunity to get lunch out at Kennedy's with Clyde.  I love that it's dog friendly and they also have fans and misters on the deck to try to keep you cooler in the heat.

I went all out and got a cheddar burger and sweet potato fries.  Delicious.

Luckily we had plans to walk off some of this meal.  We went to Freedom Park after lunch.  You might recognize some of the scenery from this season's Bachelorette.  They've filmed in this park a bunch.

We had a really nice day together, I'm glad Greg was able to come home early.  Hope you guys are having a good week too.  It sucks to be back at work!


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