Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was good this year!  I kind of did the usual stuff- a party, a neighborhood parade, pumpkin carving, and then the actual night of handing out candy to the kids with Greg.

First up was the Halloween party.  It seems that every year one of my friends has a party and invites the crew.  This year it was Caitlin.  Costumes were mandatory, and I thought about wearing one of those shirts with the skeleton baby or pumpkin on the belly, but thought it might be a cop out.  Not to mention they are almost as much as an entire costume.  Then I looked at maternity costumes online.  The same 5 maternity costumes kept showing up everywhere I looked, which were an angel, a devil, a witch, a pirate, and a fairy.  The funny thing was that they were sort of like the "sexy" versions of each character only with room for the bump.  Kinda weird.  I decided to look through the regular costumes and came across a lady bug one that I thought would work because it had this big cloth shell that would fit over the bump.

Sorry, I know the quality of this picture is terrible.  It was really dark and we had trouble getting a good shot.  Anyway, you get the idea.  Probably not the most flattering costume ever, but it worked.

Diana, Jen, Me, and Dion

Katy, Diana, Dion, Jen, and Michelle
There was food, flip cup, and Karaoke, which was hilarious.  A couple of us sang K$sha's Tic Toc.  It wasn't pretty.  I called it a night around 10pm, because this preggo girl needs her sleep.

The next day the Halloween fun continued with my neighborhood's annual Halloween parade.  I'm always the lame-o without kids that dresses up her dog and walks him in the parade.  Next year we'll have a baby to take to the parade! This year Clyde was Bat Dog

As usual, Clyde was a big hit with everyone.

We had fun :)

Greg missed the weekend festivities but got home on Monday and we carved our pumpkins.  As per usual, he did a design (a bat) and I did a face.

Also as usual, we waited til the last minute to decorate the house.  Greg loves Halloween though, so he always does a good job and gets really into it.

The big spider and orange lit tree was a new addition to our decor this year.  We also did our usual smoke machine, purple lights on the bushes, and Greg added a soundtrack of spooky sounds.  I'm pretty sure the little kids were terrified...

We all had a great time passing out candy and Clyde was a good sport about the doorbell ringing constantly.  He wore his bat wings and would go out on the porch to hang out with each group of trick-or-treaters each time the door opened.  It was so cute.

I greatly over estimated the amount of candy I should buy this year, and probably have three bags left.  Ooops.  Not the best month to have that amount of sugar in the house when I have my glucose coming up at the end of November!  I might have to bring some in to work and try to unload it there.

Anyway, it was another fun Halloween, and I'm really looking forward to experiencing it with a little one next year.  That's going to be really cool!


Runblondie26 said...

Hey, I can post comments from my phone. Woohoo, can't figure out what the deal is with Disqus and my laptop.

Love the lady bug costume! You look really cute. Glad you guys had a fun holiday.

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