Friday, September 25, 2009

Greg's job sucks.

Greg's having another hellish week on the road. He hasn't had a shower since Sunday (and it's Friday!) and he isn't going to get to come home this weekend. I think his company is intent on punishing him for being away a couple days last week for the wedding. The way trucking works, he'll still have to be off for at least 34 hours since he's maxed out his work time for the week, but he's just going to end up timing out in PA, so he'll be stuck at the truck for 34 hours there. I feel so bad for him. He desperately wants to come home. Plus since we were away and I wasn't home when he left for this trip, he left without the usual plethora of food so is running very low on stuff to eat. He also only brought a week's worth of clothes.
I actually told him to quit. It's the first time I've said to. Usually I say, "I'd love to tell you to quit, but I can't support us both". This time I don't care. They are abusing him every way they can, he's miserable, and I'm convinced he's not making much anyway. The company cheats him on tolls that he pays hundreds of dollars for and never gets reimbursed for. It's not worth it.
So, I apparently am on my own for the weekend. I think tonight is going to be all about downtime for me. I have only had one night off since I got back from NJ, and am itching to catch up on TIVO and watch the Netflix movie I've had sitting on the counter for 2 weeks plus. Tomorrow night is my friend Sarah's b-day, so I think we're doing a girls night out. That should be cool. Sunday I might catch "The Informant" with my friend Kerrie. I think it'll be a good weekend, but I wish Greg would be home to enjoy some of it with. :(


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