Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I hate Greg's job!!!

So this week isn't going much better than last week for Greg. He was sent to Canada at the beginning of the week and is now on his way to Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Earlier in the week I had talked with some friends about a wine festival coming up this weekend in Charlotte. I remembered that I have a free night's stay at a hotel within walking distance of the wine fest, so I went ahead and booked Saturday night for us there, thinking of course that it would allow us both to drink and not have to drive and we could finally use that gift certificate I won at last year's Christmas party that has been gathering dust all year. Well, Greg did the math and he said it is not looking promising that he'll get home this weekend based on being up in Green Bay and having to get back to Charlotte in the next two days before he maxes out on hours for the week. So, not only am I bummed about the wine fest plans (I'll still go even if he can't and cancel the hotel), but I miss him terribly, he hasn't been home since Sept 20th, and his job is getting more and more unbearable. I want him to quit. They are just torturing him, it's getting ridiculous.
I found a Postal service mail delivery job for Greg that looked promising in our town. I went ahead and did the application for him, which was actually a HUGE pain the ass. It was a typical govt. application, so I guess I should have known. They wanted 7 years of job history, 5 years of residence history, his selective service number (there's a site where you can look it up), etc... PAIN IN THE BUTT! My effort was probably futile. I can't seem to get myself promoted to another job, so why would I think that I can do anything for him- but oh well, maybe it'll pan out. I hope so!
In other news the weather is FANTASTIC right now. Mid 70's every day and the heat and humidity is gone. I am loving it. Great running weather. I'm off to run now in fact!


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