Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My husband actually had almost three days off this weekend, which is rare. I may have mentioned already that he chose this particular truck company partly because of their claim that their drivers have weekends off. Their definition of a weekend is not what everyone else's might be though. Often he'll get home on a Saturday afternoon and be back out on the road on Sunday evening. Anyway, I took the opportunity to drag him with me to my parents' house for the weekend.
My mom hosted a French/Julia Child themed dinner that ended up being really fun. I brought an apple tart that was quite beautiful (I have a picture, I'll try and post it at some point).
I went for a walk with my mom one day and talked with her about how frustrated I've been. I feel like I have spent a lot of time looking for jobs for Greg or giving him feedback about what I think he should do (because he asks). A lot of the time I feel like he just does what he wants in the end anyway though and doesn't apply for half the job postings I send him or take my advice. Which is very frustrating. I also had my mom look at his resume. A looooooooooong time ago in this process, I looked at it and suggested he really needed to rework it. Basically he's been using a "functional" type resume, which is more like a paragraph/cover letter type. It doesn't have the backward chronological job history with all the dates and skills applied at each job. I think that's a huge mistake on his part. He justifies it because he says he uses it for jobs where you are already listing out all the job history, and that is his opportunity to explain/show other things. I just still think it doesn't look like a resume and isn't doing him any favors. My mom agreed and I'm hoping he will apply for jobs with a normal looking resume from now on. Who knows though.
Greg spent most of his down time at my parents searching for and applying for jobs. He got on a kick of applying for hotel jobs. He actually got a call yesterday for one of them and has a phone interview this morning for a hotel van driver job. The pay didn't sound that great, but then it would also include tips, and of course quality of life should be better than what he's dealing with now. It could work out...


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