Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

The weekend was good. My plan to get into pajamas and not leave the couch Friday night was foiled by my friends calling and dangling a night out for tapas in front of me. I kinda played fifth wheel to two couples, but I didn't feel too fifth-wheelish and had a good time. We went to a place called Las Ramblas for the Tapas, and then to Pewter Rose for some more wine and conversation. Over the course of the chatter Greg was brought up and I described what kind of programs he has written. My friend Brad is a programmer and thought Greg's experience sounded worthy of further consideration and possibly an interview at his company and told me to send Greg's info to him so he could try and promote him to his higher-ups. Usually Greg shies away from computer type jobs, even though I've been saying since day one of the furlough that I thought that's what he should be pursuing as his alternate career. He's got his degree in Management Information Systems, has been programming for a long time, and I really think he's just got a knack for it and is creative with it. His biggest downfall is that he has no real career experience with it and thus he always worries about this and doesn't think he's got enough experience to really apply for most things. I think he sells himself short and could find a computer job if he had some confidence. I still think if the right person were to take a look at him they would see that he would be an asset. So anyway, Saturday when I talked to Greg I had him send me all his resume and computer skills stuff and attempted to organize a resume that showcased his experience to send to Brad. Hopefully it will get him somewhere.
Greg finally got to a truck stop Saturday and had his first shower in about 5 days, did laundry, and stocked up on food. I felt so bad that he didn't get to come home, but was glad he went to the truck stop to kind of get recharged.
Saturday I managed to follow through with my original plan for Friday- ie sitting on the couch in my pajamas for the better part of the day. It was perfect weather for it too, nice and rainy out! I love rainy weather. I've really come to appreciate it more since the norm down here is hot and sunny almost every day. I welcome a cool rainy day to break of the monotony of sunshine in the south! LOL! Saturday night I went out with Sarah for her 35th birthday as planned. The girl does not look 35 at all (see picture- I'm on the left, Sarah in middle, and her friend Christa on the right).

I'd say she looks younger than me. We went to Nikko for sushi, which is a modern clubby type sushi place. There seemed to be at least one bachelor party going on there, complete with the groom grinding on random people with lots of cat-calling to go with it. Pretty entertaining. After dinner we proceeded to this club opening Sarah had found out about. The place was called Dharma Lounge and had sort of a yoga/indian theme going on. The good news was that because it was the grand opening, they had open bar til 11pm, which was a welcome surprise! We ran into this crew of people Sarah knew from a meet-up group she's in and kinda hung out with them most of the night. They were a younger group of 20 somethings and even though Sarah kind of had a crush on one of the guys, she declared him to young for her as we were leaving the club. We didn't really stay out that late- left around 12:30ish, which was fine by me (I'm not a huge night owl, and live further out, so I usually welcome a chance to get home when out late), but I think Sarah would have stayed out later if we could have come up with a plan of what else to do. Oh well, hopefully she had fun.
Sunday I finally saw "The Hangover". Funny, but disturbing.
All in all a great weekend. That was a lot of night life packed into a weekend for me.


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