Friday, September 11, 2009

The scare

Yesterday I had a scare. When Greg was flying he usually called to check in once a day (at least), but there were occasionally times where we didn't connect in a day. It never really worried me too much because I felt like he was safe and just getting in too late to talk to me. Obviously with flying and having to have a cell phone turned off, there are just times where it isn't possible to call.
With truck driving so far, he's called me every single day, usually we even talk a couple times a day. He pretty much always has his phone on and/or answers it, unless he's out of the truck loading or something. It's usually fairly easy for me to get a hold of him. Even so, if I don't, I don't usually worry. He always calls me at some point. Well, yesterday was one of those days. I called a couple times during the day and he didn't answer. I didn't think much of it. Then I went to my running group after work. Finally on my way home around 9 or so, I tried him again, still nothing. I figured I would have a message on the machine at home, so still wasn't that worried. Got home, nothing on the machine. I then started to worry. I called and left a message telling him I was worried. Sent him a text. I suddenly realized we had no emergency plan in place for this type of situation. What if I really needed to get a hold of him? I had no contact number for his company for after hours. I waited a while and tried a couple more times, then finally went online and found the main line for his truck company and dialed. I was routed through a phone tree and got a line that just rang and rang. Dead end. I really had no idea what to do and finally just had to go to bed. But I laid in bed very worried. Truck driving isn't like flying a plane. I feel like it's a lot more dangerous and he's by himself most of the time. I worried that he had fallen while tarping or injured himself somehow. I worried he had rolled the truck, been in an accident, or something. I worried that he had left his truck unlocked or been attacked at a truck stop or rest area. The wheels were just turning about all the bad things that could/might have happened to him to cause him to not call or to not answer his phone. Finally he did call. Turned out he had taken his truck for maintenance and they had it up on a lift and he'd left the cell in the cab, so couldn't get to it. Logical. He was profusely apologetic for worrying me. I was just so relieved he was ok.


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