Thursday, January 21, 2010

2009 Highlights

This is a little late now since we're almost a month into 2010, but I wanted to recap on some of the highlights of 2009 since I fear I'll mainly remember it as being sucktastic. Here's some good memories from 09.

I went to Atlanta for the first time (other than changing planes at ATL) in February to see my friend Melissa. She was my little sister in Kappa Delta at UNH. We reconnected in 08 and her husband is also a pilot (at ASA). I had some fun visits with her in 09, one in ATL where we she showed me around, and she was here in Charlotte when she was on business and we got together.

Our trip to Knoxville for my friend Todd's wedding. I think this is one of the only trips Greg and I took together aside from my brother's wedding. Knoxville wasn't the most exciting city ever, but it was still fun to get away.

My trip to DC for training in March. The training itself was eh... but I love being up there seeing people and places. I miss the area. I made a couple new friends in class that I keep in touch with on Facebook and work email. I also saw old friends Kim, Lilla, Mary, Julie, Keely, and Alice while up there. I ate at old favorites Matchbox (best sliders and pizza EVER) and Carlyle Cafe. Hung out in Arlington, Shirlington, and the China Town area of DC, and toured the Tidal Basin right when the cherry blossoms were coming out- good timing!

Melanie and Benji's visit in April. We went to a winery, did the Segway scooter tour of Latta Plantation, went to the US National Whitewater Center, and generally had a great time with them.

Joining the Thursday night running group. I have to give Gibson all the credit on this one. We became friends at work in the spring and he heard I was into running and convinced me to go to this group. I have gained all my closest friends in Charlotte from this group, and it's also been a big motivator to keep me running/working out, so that's been awesome too. Meeting my great circle of friends was probably the best part of 2009.

Ashley's (my brother's wife) wedding shower and bachelorette party weekend in NJ/Philly in July.

It was great in large part due to the fact that I took the trip with my mom and we love traveling together. We flew to Philly together, rented a car and stayed together in NJ. The weather for the shower was beautiful and we had it outside at Ashley's friend's house. The bachelorette party out in Philly was also a great time. My mom and I both got completely sloshed and I'll always remember her face-down on the bed passed out as soon as we got back to our room! haha!

My visit to NH for Alyshia's baby shower and to see one of my best friend's Jen. I also saw a bunch of old friends at the shower and two of Jen's siblings and their spouses. I bonded with Jen's two year old, we went to the beach, went to the movies, and had a great visit.

Visits with my parents in Charlotte and in Hilton Head. We had quite a few in 09. One weekend they came to Charlotte with our old friends the Shumways and had quite a great time touring Charlotte all together. I also enjoyed all my visits to Hilton Head (golfing, walking on the beach, going to the outlets, going out to eat with my parents, etc...) and hope to see them even more in 2010.

I've mentioned in previous posts, but Halloween, the office Christmas party, Charlotte Wine Fest, and all my fun get togethers with friends over the year.

Finally made it to a Charlotte Knights game over the summer, something else I'd wanted to do since moving here. It was a lot of fun!

Discovered McAlpine Greenway for biking and running.

Reading on the deck. One of my favorite things to do in warm weather.

My brother's wedding in September. The entire weekend was fun, and I'm so happy for him! It was also great seeing all the friends and family that came and being a bridesmaid.

Brad and Kelly getting engaged and being asked to be in their wedding! I'm quite excited for the big event!

-Lifehouse at Speed Street with Kim (it was free too which was a huge bonus!)
-Fleetwood Mac (with my parents and the Shumways on the weekend just mentioned)
-Coldplay with Becky in August. SO AWESOME!

-Pete Yorn with Sarah. So glad I finally got to see him. I've been a fan for a while now. Found out about it at the last minute and was psyched I made it.

Date nights, Costco outings, days spent together, and cozy nights in with Greg. We had a rough year, but I appreciate all the time we did have together and we tried to make the most of it.


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