Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicago Dog

Well, our visit to Chicago was interesting. We went to see Greg's parents, sister (and family), and Grandma. But probably the most exciting news is that we actually came home with...wait for it... A DOG! Yup, I own a dog!
We got into Chicago on Saturday and Greg's parents picked us up. They recently got a Cav-Poo (Cavelier King and Poodle mix) puppy about two weeks ago. On the way home Greg's mom suggested we stop in at the place where they got their dog so we could check out all the doggies. We agreed and went in. I didn't see them right away, but on the second pass through I noticed some mini- Dachshund puppies down on the bottom row. Inside was a reddish brown girl and a black and tan mixed boy sleeping on one another. We asked to hold one and they brought us the boy. Oh boy... It was downhill from there! We left the place and went on with our visit. We kept bringing him up though and by Sunday we were running through the logistics of how we could get him and take him back to Charlotte with us. Come Monday morning, we had a plan in place. We had contacted the puppy place and gotten them to hold the dog for us. We contacted US Air and paid the animal fee ($100) to transport him. We made an appointment at the vet to get him checked out and get "health papers" in case they asked for them. Monday morning right after the puppy place opened we were there to get our boy. We have named him Clyde- which was Greg's idea. When we held him Saturday, he said "He looks like a Clyde", and we haven't come up with anything we liked more, so I think that's his name! He is such a good pup. He slept the entire way home on the plane and no one even knew he was there. When we got him home, he scampered all around checking everything out. He hasn't had any accidents yet, he's successfully "gone" outside 4 times so far. He whines some when you put him in his crate, but otherwise he's soooo good! I can't believe we actually did this! But I definitely love him already.


Rachel said...

Aww! Clyde is a cutie! We got our first dog in December(standard poodle). Like you I couldn't believe what we had just gotten ourselves into, but he has been such great company and we've all grown really attached to him and him to us.
Enjoy Clyde! He is seriously cute!

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