Monday, February 1, 2010

There's no place like home

So I'm away from home for two whole weeks. I had to go to Virginia for work, so I'm up here living in a hotel. I love to travel, and it's especially nice to travel for work when it's on someone else's dime. I lived in this area for 6 years, so it's nice to get up here to visit. I've made plans to see a whole bunch of friends while I'm here, so it'll be cool to see people. The only thing was that the time of this travel was terrible. It's funny because I'm always looking for ways to travel for work, and hoping for these types of opportunities. I'm glad I had the chance to travel for work, but it could have come at a better time. We just got the puppy, I'm swamped at work in Charlotte, and I actually didn't really feel like going anywhere once this rolled around. I actually got pretty weepy when I left yesterday to drive to Virginia. I have really bonded with Clyde in the last week. He's the cutest puppy ever. I love snuggling him and can't believe how in love with him I've fallen after a week. Putting him in his crate when I left yesterday was completely heart-wrenching. I also miss Greg of course. At least I come home on Valentine's Day weekend. Hopefully we can celebrate that weekend.


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