Friday, February 5, 2010

Well I'm still in Virginia. The first week here has been good. I've met some cool people to hang out with and got in a visit with my old friend Kim on Wednesday night.
It started snowing like crazy a few hours ago and everything is shutting down early today here, to prepare for the storm. Looks like we're snowed in for the weekend for the most part!
I've been in touch with Greg every day getting updates on the puppy. I feel like I've been away a lot longer than a week and I'm jealous of all the bonding time they are getting together, but I'm glad Greg has Clyde to keep him company.
Greg heard from an airline this week. He applied a while ago and first got an email from the owner, then two phone calls, and now it looks like he'll have an interview in a couple weeks. We're crossing our fingers.
I also have a potential job prospect. Some people from my office called to let me know about a posting we have right now that they have me in mind for. It's three pay grade levels above where I am, so I'm definitely interested. We'll see what happens.
Ok, back to the winter wonderland I go. I'm probably going to catch a movie with some people in a little while since there is a theater near the hotel :)


Kelly said...

That's such great news for you and Greg! I'm crossing my fingers for both of you and your job prospects. :)

Joanna said...

I hope the Colgan thing works out!!!!!

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