Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good weekend

The weekend was great. The main theme was introducing Clyde to people. Saturday he had his second "play date" with my friend Stephanie's dog Kipper. I took him over to her house so the doggies could meet and play and we could have some lunch. She made us taco salad and I baked a Nutella poundcake for us for dessert. The play date went ok. Not as good as his first one with Rascal. Kipper is about 40 lbs and is a Beagle/Australian Shepard mix, so he towers over Clyde, even though I wouldn't normally consider Kipper to be a big dog. Every dog is huge next to Clyde since he's still only about 3-4 lbs. We had to really supervise them because Kipper would get excited and almost trample Clyde or want to play bite or something, which obviously could do some serious damage. It was fun though. Maybe when Clyde is bigger they can try playing more. Stephanie said we did a good job picking Clyde because he is the sweetest puppy ever :) I totally agree!
Saturday night I had dinner with Brent and Becky for the first time in a while. We did our "usual" BBQ dinner. Becky is pregnant and due in August. It's been hard to get together because she's had like all day morning sickness and doesn't always feel up to going out these days. They came over to meet Clyde after dinner and loved him. Everyone does- he is so cute and lovable!
Today was Clyde day part deux. My friend Sarah came over at lunch time. She, Greg, and I went to lunch in town and ate outside because it was SO gorgeous today! Such a change after the crappy we ather in DC and here. 65 degrees and sunny! We got back to the house and took Clyde for a walk and then Josie and her daughter came over to hang out and meet Clyde too. Josie's daughter totally wore Clyde out with fetch and running around in the yard. We got a chance to sit on the deck and all chat and catch up a little too. After they all left Clyde collapsed on my lap and slept for about 4 hours straight. I could barely wake him up to go out! haha!
I'm totally smitten with this pup and it's obvious everyone else is too :)


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