Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Day

Today was a good day. My friends and I have started kind of a "breakfast club" now since we've started meeting for brunch at each other's houses on a semi-regular basis. It actually kind of started because of Greg's schedule working evenings. Everyone kept asking when we could get together and really morning/lunchtime is kind of all I can plan for on weekends if we want Greg to be there, so we started this getting together for brunch thing. It works out because I love breakfast food. Kelly and Brad hosted at their condo this morning. She made a yummy breakfast casserole of egg, spinach, and bacon and we had had sweet potato hashbrowns, scones, and fruit with the usual brunch staple of mimosas and coffee. YUM! We ate and hung out talking at their place until early afternoon and then a bunch of us headed to a new museum that just opened in Charlotte called the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art I liked some pieces better than others. My favorite was an oil painting by Jean-Paul Riopelle. I liked it because it had a ton of texture and it was so intricate with stripes of color within each scraping of the painting knife. It's hard to explain, but it just looked really cool, like waves of striped color.
I've said it before before, but I feel so fortunate for my group of friends. They really have made all the difference in my happiness in Charlotte. I feel so lucky that I have this group of good people to spend time with.
I also feel really happy to have Greg. I know I spend a lot of time wallowing about his furlough and how it's screwed up our plans to have a baby and/or travel- two things I so want to do, but really finding the person I want to love and spend the rest of my life with was my number one goal in life and I have that already, even if everything else has to wait. I know I am lucky that I have Greg because I just love him so much. We get each other and he's the guy for me.


Kelly said...

I feel so lucky to have you as a friend too! :) I'm so glad we met!

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