Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve was good. Greg was working (of course!). I had a few offers of things to do, but all would have required driving to downtown Charlotte or other areas and some involved fancy dinners or big house parties, and I just didn't feel like doing anything like that. I was thinking low-key and close to home sounded more appealing to me. My friend Josie lives in my area, so we made a plan for her to come over and go to dinner at the local pub in my neighborhood. We then went back to my house and had a bottle of wine, molten chocolate cakes I made, and watched Love Actually. Greg got home right around 11:40pm and we opened a bottle of Prosecco and rang in the New Year. It was nice.
The first day of the year actually started off pretty good for me. For some reason I had a pretty great sense of optimism going on. I guess I just felt like it was a new year and my hope is kind of renewed.
I talked to a few friends and arranged to have 5 people over for brunch today (Saturday). I spend a bunch of the day prepping for that yesterday after Greg left work work. I planned to make a quiche and made the dough for the crust, made huge amounts of fruit salad, and cut up a french bread for french toast.
Last night Greg got home and I heard him rustling around and later he came up and woke me up and told me Bosco had died.
Bosco was one of our rabbits. We had him about a year and half after a guy in my office moved away and asked us to take him (at first temporarily, then permanently). When he was left with us we were told by his previous owner he was already pretty old and he didn't expect him to live much longer. Bosco had a very sweet disposition. He was kind of Greg's "favorite" because of this. He liked being held and liked having his ears stroked. His death was unexpected. Greg always watched him like a hawk and was hyper-conscious of what he was eating or not eating, but I always thought that compared to the other two he was just more mellow and not a big eater. He's always been that way since we got him. Which made it harder to tell if anything was wrong with him, since being mellow was already in his nature. With our other rabbits it was easy to tell if something was wrong because they wouldn't eat much and would become more mellow, he was already like that. On NYE we were all playing with him a bunch and he seemed fine. It wasn't til Greg got home and checked on him last night(after I had gone to bed) that he found that he was weaker than normal and seemed sick. Greg said he passed away shortly after. Greg was very upset. I was too, but it kind of hasn't hit me yet.
Greg also had checked the Continental forums during the day yesterday and someone said they saw the system bid for next year and it says there are no recalls on it.
Which made him doubly depressed yesterday.
I guess I am going to cancel the brunch I had planned for this morning. I think Greg could use something like this to cheer him up on one hand, but on the other hand, he's probably too depressed and it's probably appropriate to put it off. I just have a lot of stuff prepped for it and I'm not sure what I'll do with it all now. I'd postpone it til tomorrow but Greg is working day shift tomorrow so he won't be around.
Anyway, that's how our new year has gone so far!


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