Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The rest of my long weekend was great. I went to see "Leap Year" with Josie Saturday night. I was really in the mood for a chick flick and it did the job. It was very predictable, but cute. I got to have movie popcorn (one of my favorite foods)! Sunday I met up with Sarah at Starbucks/Barnes and Noble to have coffee and catch up. I got my standard Skinny Vanilla Latte and we sat and chatted for a while. She filled me in on how her date night went. They went out in Plaza Midwood to dinner and then to a bar after. Kinda sounded similar to mine and Greg's first date actually. I think they like each other and that this has potential. I'm hopeful for her. After our coffee we scoped out the music section of B & N then books. I got the book Freakonomics. I've been interested in reading it for a while and last week at Kelly's brunch people were talking about it and I got more intrigued. I'm about 30 pages in and it is interesting. Definitely up my alley, since I was a Sociology major and it's about society and explanations of things like cheating, crime, etc... I figure I'll read it on the plane this weekend when we go to Chicago.
On my LOVELY Monday off (yes, I was quite psyched to have a MONDAY off!), I went for a morning run with Josie. We ran for about 40 minutes. It was a good run, but it was kind of wet out.
I met Kelly for lunch at 300 East.
I had the crab cake salad- so good! After lunch we went over to Paper Skyscraper to browse. I got some chocolates for Greg's parents since we'll be seeing them this weekend. Also a funny book called "Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals" for my friend Lilla. I have kind of a silly sense of humor. It's basically a book of pictures of baby animals and each has a funny caption like a baby duck with "You were adopted", or a puppy with "I'm a registered sex offender".
For dinner we met up with my friend Kim and her boyfriend Josh in Ballantyne at an Asian place called Jade. Kim works with me and Josh just moved in with her a couple months ago. They are a cute couple. I think most of the couples we hang out with kind of mirror Greg and I in that the guys are quieter than the girls. The girls are the driving social force of the couples. Anyway, dinner was good. Greg and Kim both had pad Thai and Josh had sesame chicken. My chicken teriaki was pretty good and I had enough left over to put on a salad for lunch today. Score!
Greg spent the day today hitting the pavement and visiting a bunch of airports and companies to see if he could get any leads on flying jobs. He's done this a bunch of times since getting furloughed, but hadn't been out to do it in a while. He really didn't get any significant leads, but I think it helped his morale to know he was out there trying. He still thinks he may try to flight instruct again. He has a strong desire to be around aviation in some capacity, so I think it's a good idea.
The upcoming weeks are going to be very busy. We are heading to Chicago to see Greg's family this weekend, then I'm going to northern VA for training for the first two weeks of February. I'm looking forward to it all, but I think it's going to cause a bunch of stress for me at work before and after. I have a feeling work is going to pile up while I'm out. I think I need some time away from the office so it should be worth it.


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