Sunday, June 26, 2011

French Themed Friday Night

Hey all!  I'm winding down from a weekend with my parents.  They came to town Thursday night and just left yesterday afternoon to head back to Hilton Head.  We crammed in a lot of the usual activities, mostly centered around eating and some shopping. 

When I asked my parents where they'd like to go to eat on Friday night, my mom promptly told me she'd been eyeing The Crepe Cellar, after seeing it mentioned on the blog a few times.  Done!  We spent the afternoon browsing at The South Park Mall and Trader Joes, then headed for an early dinner at The Crepe Cellar.  Just as we parked and headed in to the restaurant, the sky unloaded on us, and we were kind of wet for the first half of dinner!  Oops!

The good thing about getting there early was that it was pretty empty, so we were seated promptly.  On other visits, I've definitely waited a while for seating, since the Crepe Cellar is small inside.

I started with a side salad with red wine vinagrette.  My mom and I both commented on how good the selection of greens in this salad were.  Peppery and delicious.  Makes me want to try mixing up my lettuce choices more!

The best part about dining with my parents, is that my mom and I usually like the same things.  We opted to share two kinds of crepes, the spinach and wild mushroom and the Queen City, which has chicken, bacon, cheddar, and tomato.

Yum :)

My dad and Greg both had french bread pizzas.

They were also delcious!  It's all about the french bread :)

We were pretty stuffed from our meals, but I mentioned that we were actually close to a Charlotte institution: Amelie's French Bakery.  It didn't take much to convince everyone to stop in for some post dinner treats.

Truth?  I've never actually been to the REAL Amelie's!  I work right near their alternate location in Uptown Charlotte, but somehow, I've never actually made it into the real location in NoDa.  A travesty, I know.

My mom and I selected five items to try.  Armed with our box of treats, we headed home.

We chose a mini raspberry and lemon merigue pie.

And, in the box:

We got a classic eclair, a carmel salted brownie, a chocolate raspberry petit four, and an orange macaroon.  My dad wanted the chocolate crossaint for the next day's breakfast.

We split everything but the crossaint four ways.
Here's my portion of the goods.

Mmmmmm!  French dessert goodness!  My favorite is still the caramel salted brownie. 
Even if I did fail at creating my own version.  Some things are better left to the experts...


Kelly @foodiefresh said...

Isn't the original Amelie's 400 times better than the little one uptown? I'm glad you finally got to try it. I love all their flavors of macaroons.

Runblondie26 said...

Look slike it was a great day! It's cool how often you get to spend time with your parents. The older you get the more you really start to appreciate it.

Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

So much fun! I love Amelie's! It is so quaint and adorable. My father is borderline addicted to it.

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