Saturday, June 18, 2011

When The Men Are Away...

Sorry I've been off the grid practically all week!  I had an inspection at work that took up a ton of time, worry, and attention and I've pretty much come home and crashed every day this week after the exhausting process of making sure all my stuff was in line.  Blogging definitely took a back seat.  I'm glad to be through that stress now and hoping to be back on track!

The one bright light this week was that Erin invited me over to dinner on Tuesday night.  Her husband was traveling this week too (mine was as usual), so she thought a girls' dinner at her house would be fun, and it was definitely a welcome diversion from all that stress! 

Erin prepared an awesome meal of salmon (an Oh She Glows recipe), asparagus, and sweet potato, plus a salad on the side.

Erin also made us yummy POM drinks!

Erin's dog, Emma, kept us entertained.

She's really hard to get a picture of because she moves around like a high speed cotton ball!

Erin was able to get her to hold still for me.

After some dinner conversation, I ended up showing Erin one of my favorite parody sites, Food Network Humor.  Many laughs were had.

While laughing til our stomachs hurt, Erin got out our dessert, which were vegan peanut butter cups from Earth Fare.  YUM!

Behold the deliciousness...

Oh yeah.  Decadent and rich, would be the two words I'd use to describe this PB cup!

Erin and I had a great time.  I guess next time it'll be my turn to cook and entertain when our boys are both away again!  Thanks for having me Erin!


Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

ANY TIME!!! It was so much fun! When I get back from the beach, we'll have to get together. By the way, Michael is going to be traveling a ton coming up.

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