Thursday, June 30, 2011

Roots Food Truck Love

I had a great mid-week lunch yesterday that I wanted to share.  Obviously Charlotte has some great food trucks, as you've seen.  My friends Diana, Kelly, Gibson, and I went to the Roots Farm food truck, which I'd say is among my favorites and luckily I work fairly close to where they usually set up.

The menu changes daily and they usually post it online a few hours ahead so you can see what they'll have.

I chose the veggie pita and the runner bean salad.

We were also offered a complimentary watermelon soda, perfect for a hot summer day.

My meal was delicious!  The warm pita with grilled veggies was a great summer lunch, and the runner bean salad was fantastic!  I need to learn how to make that...

The four of us found a nice shady spot to enjoy our lunch so we didn't die of heat exhaustion.  Temps around Charlotte have been in 90's this week...  kinda humid and gross!  The shade was nice though!  It was great to break up my work day and work week with some good company and delicious food.  Back to the grind!!


Jenna (hello, i love you) said...

I am obsessed with food trucks! That one looks so fresh, healthy and delicious. I want that watermelon soda right now.

Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) said...

Watermelon soda sounds amazingggg!

Jen said...

Yum! I want to try watermelon soda. And I really want to try these food trucks! Do you know if they'll have another evening rally?

Katie H said...

Watermelon soda sounds amazing right now. I must find it!

alison said...

I want to work with you and eat at yummy food trucks. I've only eaten cupcakes off trucks, but I'm sure we have more options but I stopped at cupcakes :)

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