Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday In Philly

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!  Hello from Philadelphia!!

Friday morning, after a early breakfast of Chobani vanilla yogurt, cherries, and granola, it was off to Charlotte Douglas Airport to catch my flight to Philly for the Healthy Living Summit! 

Five of us- Erin, Kelly, Caitlin, Allison, and me, were on the same flight, and four of us were in seats near each other, so it made the experience a blast!

I tried hard to get in some reading for our next book club book, which if I haven't mentioned is One Day, the book associated with the movie starring Anne Hathaway.

I couldn't really get into it though because Erin and I were so busy chatting!

After a short flight up to Philly, we met up with many more bloggers at the airport.

And caught cabs to the hotel.

We were able to check in early at the hotel, which was great!

We got a corner room and have a pretty sweet view from it!

Roommates taking pictures of our view.

We regrouped, and went down to the lobby to meet a bunch of other people for lunch.
The lunch spot was a walkable from our hotel, so we headed down the street.

Our big group was kind of a spectacle.

We arrived at this funky little vegetarian place called Govinda's

I ordered a grilled veggie on spinach wrap with mozzarella.

It was pretty tasty.  It had a little spice to it!

After lunch we headed to a froyo place we'd seen on the walk over.  It was so hot out and froyo sounded wonderful!

Caitlin stole my camera and starting snapping pictures of me.

So I got her back ;)

Haha :)

I got a mix of Kahlua, PB, and coconut froyo, with chocolaty toppings, except for rainbow sprinkles for color!  Any place that has Kahlua froyo is okay with me!

Froyo was followed by checking in and more importantly picking up our HLS swag bags.

The contents this year are awesome, the bag was actually HEAVY when carrying it back to the room!

Seriously great swag this year!  I'm psyched!  The biggest problem is going to be how to get it all home.  I think I may have to check a bag on my return flight...

Anyway, I'm having a great time, and will be back with a recap of the cocktail party!


Alaina said...

So jealous!! I am definitely making it there next year. :-)

YUMMommy said...

Glad that you ladies had fun!

BTW YUMMommy made it the finalist for CBS Local-Charlotte's Most Valuable Blogger in the Lifestyle and Family blog category!! Please stop by and vote. You can vote once per computer and smartphone per day.

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