Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Weekend At The Island

Hi all!  I'm currently spending another weekend in Hilton Head at my parents' house.  Clyde and I came down on Friday night.  I arrived just in time for a batch of margaritas and a float in the pool.  Ahhhh...

My mom had a seafood feast planned for us for dinnner:  seared scallops, sauteed shrimp, over a butternut squash puree, with quinoa stirred with peas, pine nuts, and parmesan cheese.

With a nice mixed green salad on the side (I had ginger dressing on mine).

And a little chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert.

Saturday morning, I was up earlier than the rest of the house, so I went for a quick 2 mile run around the plantation.  It was hot and humid, but I wanted to get at least a little mileage in.

After my run, my mom and I took Clyde for a walk on the beach.  He's come a long way since his first beach visit.  He used to kind of hate the beach, the sand, and the water.  This time I had to hold him back from sprinting down the beach path to get to the beach!

It's been a very hot weekend here, about 100 degrees, but the beach felt great and was nice and breezy.

I don't want to home...

Please don't make me.  Seriously...

Ocean waves are the best.

Even Clyde is starting to like the water.

Too cute.

Don't drink the water Clyde!

We saw a cool starfish in a little tide pool.

After about an hour and a half walk, we headed back.

I know I kind of do the same things every time I go to Hilton Head, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it ;) 
I did some outlet shopping and got some new sunglasses, since my two favorite pairs have been scratched for a while.  I also got a dri-fit running shirt, and a cardigan.  It's a tax free weekend, so it was a good time to shop, except everyone else had the same idea, so the outlets were a little mobbed!

We went to dinner a little place called Claude and Uli's.

I had Tilapia Francese.

And swapped some for some bites of my Mom's seafood too.

Good stuff! 

We later had homemade peach iced cream back at the house.  Recipe to come. 
Here's the teaser pic!

After dinner we (well, my mom and I) watched Going The Distance.

Not bad.

This morning we headed to a little place called Walnut's for breakfast.

My mom and I split an order of pistacio pancakes and southern eggs benedict, which had fried green tomatoes in them.

I love classic breakfast with a twist :)

Both were pretty awesome :)

My mom and I caught a matinee of Crazy Stupid Love, which was really good!

I think I have time for one final pool float and some dinner before I head back to Charlotte.  But I really don't want to leave. 

Hope your weekend was as great as mine!


Lizzy @ runbakerace said...

Hilton Head is perfect in every way! Looks like you had an awesome time with your parents :)

Erin said...

It looks like a blast! Michael and I were just saying last night that we want to get a vacation home in HHI. It is so beautiful there!

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