Friday, September 2, 2011

Full Circle

A little over two years ago, I went up to NH for a visit.  It's where I'm originally from, and my family has all since moved from there, but I have some ties in the form of friends that I remain close with, despite our distance.  Plus, as stated in my first post, some of my heart will always be in NH, and it will always feel like home to me.

Jen and I ready for the baby shower for her first son.

It's actually been two whole years since I've visited NH, which is probably the longest stretch I've had being away from there.  Usually, I try to go up about once a year, but life has been busy and things have gotten in the way, so until now, I just haven't been able to make it happen.  A week ago, I talked to my friend Jen, and an idea was born.  Flights looked suprisingly decent and I decided I could make a trip up there this weekend since I have an extra day off for the holiday!  I'm heading up there to see Jen and also my friend Alyshia.  I've known both of them since I was a year old.  Last time I visited I was there partially for Alyshia's baby shower, and I've yet to even meet her daughter since she was born, so that will be cool. 

Alyshia's baby shower, August 2009.

The post I linked in the first paragraph, was also my first blog post.  As you can see it was just about two years ago.  Yup, I just had my second "Blogiversary"!  If you've read my About Me section, than you know that I began this blog to document life as a furloughed pilot's wife.  Obviously life has changed in the past two years: 

Greg returned to flying, then was recalled to his airline.  I found and fell into the niche of Healthy Living Blogs

We got CLYDE!  

I got really into running, and ran 3 half marathons and then a full marathon

I went to two Healthy Living Summits

I started trying to conceive.  I got pregnant and miscarried... 

And here we are.  In some ways it feels like a lot has changed and in some ways it feels like not a lot has changed.  At first glance, my life is actually not that different than it was two years ago.  Greg and I still live in the same place, I still work at the same job, I still don't have any children...  Sometimes it feels like I'm kind of just treading water and running in place.  Still, when look at the friends I've made, the races I've run, how much more Greg and I have been through, and basically how much richer my life is now than it was two years ago, I can't help but feel like life has changed immensely.

I'm probably going to be on blog haitus for my visit up north, taking a cue from Lisa (I really loved her thoughts on life and blogging in this post!).  I'll be too busy living and enjoying my visit to take much time out to blog, but I promise to recap the trip when I get back!  Hope you all enjoy your labor day weekend!


Carly said...

Have fun in NH. You know I still live here. :-) Too bad there wasn't more time to plan a meet up... oh well!

Someday said...

Congratulations on achieving a milestone! Hope there are many more to blog about.


Runblondie26 said...

Happy blogaversary! Enjoy your long weekend "home".

Shea said...

I'm brand new to blogging and also a pilot's wife! My husband has been a regional airline pilot for about 2 years now.

I just read your TTC journey and you're in my thoughts & prayers. I'm your newest follower...can't wait to learn more about you!

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