Thursday, September 8, 2011

Old Friend Reunion

Last Friday night, Clyde and I took a late flight up to New Hampshire and arrived in Manchester at close to 1am.  My friend Jen is a night owl and said that it was fine with her to pick me up then.  We were both pretty tired when we got back to her house, so we called it a night.  The next morning I dove straight into toddler town, with her two sons keeping the place pretty lively.  Before long, my friend Alyshia, her husband Greg, and her daughter Maggie arrived to hang out with us for the afternoon.  We took the party outside.

Clyde did pretty well with the youngsters.

We grilled out and had chicken, with orzo salad, fruit, and chips and salsa.

Alyshia lives near Boston and brought amazing treats from a bakery in her town.

The kids had the cupcakes with the animals on them.

I had about half of this Boston cream cupcake before I had to quit!

The kids got some chocolate on their faces...

Before Alyshia left, we got a few pictures of us together.

I've known Alyshia basically since birth, since our parents were friends before we were born, and Jen since I was about a year old, since we grew up across the street from each other.  Old friends!

Just to prove our long standing friendship, here's a picture of us at one of my birthday parties when we were little:

(Jen is on the far left, I'm in the middle in the sailor dress, and Alyshia is on my right in the blue dress)

Life long friends I tell ya :)
More to come on my NH visit!


Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

Looks like fun! I am glad that Clyde liked the kids! :)

Katie @ Legally Fit said...

How awesome that you guys have been friends for so long! I love friendships like that.

YUMMommy said...

Reuniting with old friends is always great. And those pastries look so yummy. I haven't done too much digging with the bakeries here in Charlotte but am dying to find a good one that I can get some great goodies from.

Cassie said...

Yah for a NH visit!!! I hope you had a lot of fun!

That bakery in Boston... wouldn't happen to be Sweet, would it? LOVE their cupcakes!!!

Brittney said...

I'm not sure what the name of the bakery is Cassie, but it's somewhere in Melrose?

Cassie said...

They have several locations throughout the Boston area... very well could have possibly been Sweet!

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