Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mid-Week Highlight

Thank you guys for all your feedback on my running/racing debate post.  I am obviously still very conflicted about the whole thing, and still haven't made any firm decisions on whether I want to run much or train for a race.  I'll keep you posted!  Oh and here's some proof that my friend Alison ran the Marine Corps Marathon with a jacked up ankle, as mentioned in my last post.

Yeah, OWWWWW!  Thanks for the pic Alison ;)

So it was a pretty normal week for me in Charlotte.  I did do a little running (about 2 miles one night), I walked Clyde, I made Emily's potatoes.

The highlight of my mid week was meeting Cindi and baby Molly for pizza Wednesday night, followed by an impromptu froyo outting with Caitlin, Beth, and Katy at Menchies.

I had seen Beth tweet that she was in Charlotte this week and asked if she had plans or would like to meet up.  Froyo at Menchies quickly became a plan!  Last time I saw Beth was at The Healthy Living Summit.  We chatted while at lunch the first day.  I also briefly met her at our meet-up after The National Marathon in DC/VA in the spring.

I like this girl!

Anyway, I brought Clyde, of course, so then this happened:

Caitlin and Clyde have this trick they like to do where Caitlin puts Clyde's entire snout in her mouth.  He loves it...  No dachshunds or humans were harmed, no worries.

I had a mix of Red Velvet, Cake Batter, and Chocolate Hazelnut froyo with assorted chocolatey toppings and some strawberries and bananas so it wasn't all junk food.

Clyde had his own little cup of PB froyo.  He gobbled it up in about 5 seconds.

I had a great time with these girls!  Lots of laughter that night.  It made my week a lot more enjoyable.

Yesterday Greg and I hit the road for a little getaway.  I'll give you the rundown on our trip next time, but here's a hint, and the view I'm enjoying.

Ahhhhhh :)


Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

Yay!! I am so glad that you two were able to get outta town. Have fun and enjoy the view! :)

Liz @ runbakerace said...

Froyo with friends is that best! Have a wonderful getaway with the hubby :)

alison said...

Clyde it sooo cute I too want to eat him up :) hope you are having a great time!!

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